Delighted with D'Arcy

I've wanted to share my D'Arcy for a while now....but taking photos is problematic at the best of times...trying to get myself together, the hubby in photographer mode, the right light and the planets aligned. Can't be too tired or too rushed...or it just doesn't work.

So today, I said to heck with it, and took some selfies.

D'Arcy, Rowan Magazine 58

This design incorporates both knit and crochet (a signature style of Marie Wallin)
knit in Fazed Tweed, a unique yarn which I blogged about previously

Fazed Tweed yarn is absolutely wonderful to knit with, and the resulting fabric is so luxurious!
This sweater knit up quickly...then there was just the crochet sleeves to go. 

I'm a novice crocheter....learning the stitches is one thing, reading a pattern is I must have ripped out my first sleeve at least 4 times! Luckily I had extra yarn, so I decided to abandon my first effort and start over with fresh yarn to complete my crochet sleeves.

The combination of stocking stitch body and crochet sleeves creates a sweater that can be casual, or dressed up a bit. 

One thing I have learned....a long necklace works to break up the expanse of a plain knit draws your eyes down, it slims you....yes it does.

With a yarn like Fazed Tweed, I needed to find something substantial but with soft edges and nothing that will catch on this gorgeous yarn!

On a mission, I went to my favourite "go to" place for unique, inexpensive, costume jewellery...and yup, that's where I found this gorgeous heart pendant! No chain, it hangs on a strand of 4 black faux leather strands.....and it falls at that perfect spot!

I love it!

Well, that's it for this year! 2015 has been a year of adapting to new norms....some circumstantial, some chosen...all in all, it has been a good year and I look forward to 2016!

I hope your year has been a good one, that you too are looking forward to 2016!

Marie Wallin's FairIsle Club

What's coming up for next year on the blog? Well, knit wise, there's the Marie Wallin Fair Isle Blanket square per month.  November and December squares are complete...and the January 2016 Square just arrived in my mailbox this morning!

The SECOND Martin Storey blanket knit-a-long will be starting late January and I've already got my yarn ready to go when the first pattern is released!

Rowan's Spring/Summer Seasonal release in January will bring new yarns and some fabulous new designs! I can't wait to share them with you! 

I've been a Row@n Subscriber for years...and the twice a year Magazines are the ultimate highlights of my knitting year! As a Rowan Ambassador, I have received a preview copy of Magazine 59 and have already cast on one of the designs in one of my favourite Rowan Classic Yarns. I also have planned to knit a design in one of the new yarns...a yarn that is new and I think unique...typically Rowan :)

No, I can't share ANYTHING with you yet...but trust me, Magazine 59 is a stunner and you're going to love these new yarns and design collections!

But for right now, my lips are sealed.

Thank you for visiting Life LackaDaisiCal. 

Happy New Year Everyone!

xx with Lackie and Daisy at her feet!


  1. Your D'Arcy sweater is lovely, Anne! I like the look of the yarn. Rustic really appeals to me. The heart necklace is perfect with it. Good job on the selifes. I never can get them to look right when I take them. :-)

    1. Thanks Kristie! Selfies are hard to take.....needs must though :)

  2. Sweater and heart necklace is so perfect together! Great look!

  3. Would you please share you fav go-to place for costume jewelry? Do they have a website? Many thanks!

    1. hi Cindy! It's a gift shop at the local strawberry farm...I kid you not :) They only open from May to December, and no web site, sorry :(

  4. I too think your D'Arcy sweater is lovely. I also love your heart costume jewellery and your matching nails! Sarah x


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