Whole lotta' stitchin' to be done - Part 2

In Part 1, I showed you Yell...which is the his, so here's D'Arcy, the hers :)

D'Arcy by Marie Wallin in Rowan's Fazed Tweed

Marie is a renown designer - known for both colour work and cabled designs. I think she is unique in her use of knit and crochet combined.

This design is sublime in it's simplicity. A little bit of rib followed by a swathe of stocking stitch, straight up to the neckline shaping!

The drop shoulder shape gives a relaxed look, that is dressed up with these fabulous crochet sleeves!

Fazed Tweed is a yarn like no other!
Wool and Alpaca in a nylon net tube!
72% wool, 22% alpaca and 6% nylon

Fazed Tweed is an interesting mix of wool, and fine alpaca, with a filled tube like construction this yarn gives a soft blended tweed like knitted fabric. 
(from the Rowan web site - link above)

I decided to go for the subtle shade this sweater was designed in, Larch (002)
and I am thrilled with it! (My second choice might have been Elm!)

Not usually a "grey" sort of gal, this is such a soft shade of grey and the natural, undyed fibre in it gives it a luminous warmth!
Push that net back and you see it looks like a tiny spot dyed roving!

I did short row shaping on the shoulders and finished up with a row of
live stitches - then did a 3 needle bind off on the shoulder seams!

Knit up, this yarn has a halo that makes it sumptuous!

The juxtaposition of the crochet sleeves and the stocking stitch body - so simple, yet so elegant!

This time I knit the body first, putting off the crochet to the last. This is contrary to my sleeves first policy....but I was a touch nervous about the crochet aspect!

Crochet is NOT my forté, but I have been learning to crochet by watching videos by Mikey of The Crochet Crowd on You Tube! Seriously, he has a free on-line learn to crochet course! Here's a link....
I'm sure I have mentioned this before, but it merits being mentioned again.

Then I followed the Rowan Lisa Richardson Crochet Along.Lisa Richardson's crochet motifs were just the challenge I needed to test my crochet skills!

First I practiced with spare yarn.....then I questioned the pattern as written (I've sent an inquiry to Rowan to confirm).....then I decided that I was right :) and it was time to start in earnest!

Using the Fazed Tweed I still had many starts and rip backs....at least 5, before I managed to finished a sleeve.

Being worried about wear and tear on the yarn, as I had a few extra balls,
I decided to start fresh and create my two "official" sleeves.

Here they are....they just need the ribbing on the bottom (which I will do once the sweater is sewn together and tried on.....then the rib can be knit for a perfect length).

So my D'Arcy is almost finished!

Wouldn't that be wonderful, not one, but TWO Finished Projects.....soon!

Until then,

Happy Knitting!

x with Lackie and Daisy at her feet...


Although Marie has stepped down as Rowan's Head Designer, she continues to create her signature designs in Rowan yarns. You will continue to see her designs in the Rowan Magazines and design collection brochures.

Now working as an independent designer, visit Marie's new web site "Marie Wallin".

Marie has been busy and has produced 5 booklets of knit/crochet designs, and has announced her "Fair Isle Club", the first design being a blanket with 12 unique designs offered over a 12 month period!


I really need to get these two projects done and clear the coffee table for my winter projects! More about that in the next post!


  1. I'm currently knitting Marie's Anemone and have also put off the crocheted sleeves to the end. Having done the Rowan CAL, I do feel I'll be able to do it, but it does make me nervous.

  2. I love this yarn and look forward to seeing your FOs!


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