Sittin' on the beach...

Watching the sunset is one of the attractions when visiting Saugeen Shores in Ontario...and the Southampton beach has quite the view. It was just a short one-block walk down to catch this sunset which brought to an end the Docknits retreat weekend.

Last year I presented a workshop at the 2nd annual retreat. This year, Mrs. Tischell (my travel buddy) and I decided to go "all in" and booked into the Chantry Breezes B&B for the duration!

I'd booked the "Garden Cottage" which is exactly that...
it was adorable and I loved my tiny home for the weekend!

It is Fall here in Ontario, but it was still summery this past weekend. Lucky for me as I was staying in the Garden Cottage....which while not insulated, was comfortable and reminded me so much of childhood summer vacations when the family would go to a cottage in Northern Ontario. The open beams and whitewashed walls were complimented by turquoise blue, slightly faded by summer sunlight. It was peaceful to be away from the main B&B which I am sure was exploding with inspiration from the weekend activities. I personally love my daily dose of quiet time, and loved having my own little retreat in the garden. Each to their own right? The motel across the road was hopping with what we think was a wedding party....even they didn't disturb the late night too much :)

Don't you just love a cooked breakfast when "away"!
Look at that tiny stack of pancakes!

My first class was an introduction to rug hooking with wool....
just enough hooking to get you started.
This is a project that I hope one day to don't laugh !!!!

Saturday am - Dyeing with Indigo!
Everyone had to decide on their dyeing style....
some did the incremental dunk.....
I decided on the "all in" method!

This was a photo Sarah took of me going for a second
indigo bath on my skeins of yarn. When I got up to move,
I almost took "all in" to a different level!
Luckily, my equilibrium restored itself and all was well!

Here is our dye master Jeffi, with the results of our dyeing efforts.....amazing!
They were going off to be rinsed and steamed!

Jeffi is a fabulous yarn dyer and has an Easy shop, ShantiKnits!
Well, her shop is a bit depleted after a busy summer yarn season,
but she tells me she will be updating it with more yarn soon,
so if you love hand dyed yarn, safe ShantiKnits to your favourites!

Then the freshly dyed skeins were left to dry in the beautiful Chantry Breezes garden.

I love how each dyer created a different result!

The session was rounded off for Mrs. T and I when we participated in a conversation on knitting in general, things that we find daunting (even after many years knitting) and tips on how to deal with these things that somehow hold us back in our knitting. It was great to sit and enjoy the flow of conversation while knitting the afternoon away!

Throw in a dinner or two, and the weekend just flew by!

While getting away is always fun, it is lovely to be home....

Happy Knitting,

x with Lackie and Daisy at her feet 


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