Wave, by Kim Hargreaves

I first mentioned "Wave" back in this blog post...."Coffee Table Update". I was intrigued with using two different size needles to make a light, yet substantial, Kidsilk Haze fabric. 

You have to take care not to miss a strand when knitting two strands of any yarn together, and doubly attentive when it is Kidsilk Haze! A couple of times I didn't notice until I was quite a few rows above one of these mistakes! I had to drop down to the offending stitch and then carefully knit the stitch back up...alternating needle sizes...worth the effort, but honestly, it's easier if you catch a dropped thread when it is only a row or two back!

To do this, I learned to stop every right side row, hold my knitting up to the light, and have a scan of the last couple of rows. If you have missed a strand, trust me, you'll see it and it will be easy to fix. If you knit too far past a dropped stitch, it is doable, just a whole lot more fiddly.

I had to really think of how I wanted to present this sweater here on the blog. In Kim's book "Echoes", the lovely model shows a lot of skin. Ok for when you are in your twenties, but this almost official senior citizen never showed that much skin back in the day either, so wasn't about to start now!

The style you see everywhere these days is a long top over leggings...and I found these leggings at the Joe Fresh boutique in my local Loblaws store. I added this cute sun dress that I picked up at The Gap, and then covered up with Wave! Add a statement necklace and bracelet, and you're good to go!

The dress might need shortened to be more of a long top....we'll see. I have a crazy notion to tie dye it! ????

Although white isn't my colour; in the summer you can wear white and pop on some colour - like here with my cardigan and turquoise jewellery, and you'll be ready for a shopping trip, coffee with a friend, or just a smart casual day around the house!

(This was taken shortly after I sprained not one, but both feet! Not ankles - feet! Goes to show that you MUST NEVER rush when it is raining, it's dark, you're fighting attack lilies that are covering a path at a friend's house! You must always watch what you are doing...in the dark and the rain :) . I missed the one very shallow step in the path! Luckily, I seemed to crumple and went down, not forward. OMG! Things could have been worse, I could have broken something, a wrist even! My left foot seemed the worse and is visibly swollen here...it's been 3 weeks and things are MUCH better...but I hope I have learned my lesson!)

Happy Knitting everyone!

(with Lackie and Daisy at her feet)


  1. I really like the Wave sweater, Anne. And I like the outfit you put together to model it. The tunic/legging look appeals to me, and I think the length of the dress you are wearing is perfect. Tie dyeing sounds like a great idea for it once summer is over. Or what about trying your hand at indigo dyeing? And what you were saying about knitting with two yarns at once is the reason I try to avoid doing if at all possible.

    1. I meant to also say I hope your feet recover quickly. That must be awful to have both of them sprained.

    2. Thanks Kristie - it's been 3 weeks now and I am almost totally better....but I am very aware of what shoes I am wearing, where I am stepping....I do not want to do this again. AND, I will be buying great walking boots for our next trip - if this had happened while we were away....disaster! :)

  2. I loved the way you styled it Anne, and would not change the white. I would shorten the dress a few inches, I think cuter that way with the leggings. And ouch! I don't remember you saying you've sprained your feet! Did I miss that? I was cleaning a top book shelf and dropped a massive art book on my foot, and it went all shades of purple for amost a month. Just in time for sandal weather! Ugh!

    1. Yes, I think a couple of inches off the dress would make it perfect! Oh dear Kristen, not good! Hope you are all better now....it seems to take longer, the...well, you know what I'm going to say :) ha ha ha!

  3. Love the Waves cardi and it looks fabulous! Great job! Agree with your plan to shorten the white dress when pairing with the leggings; it would look more stylish. Thanks for sharing this project!


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