If you love Big Wool, you are going to LOVE Big Wool Silk!

First Up? Let's look at the newest addition to the Big Wool series (Big Wool, Big Wool Colour, and discontinued Drift too!).


Yes, Big Wool has been refined and polished with the addition of 30% Silk to the 70% Wool base. It is put up in exactly the same 100g 80m balls as Big Wool, so any design that has been published using Big Wool/Big Wool Colour, can be knit in this yarn! 

Using Big Wool Silk will give your knit a beautiful sheen, make it soft to the touch and luxurious to wear, showing off perfect stitch definition no matter what you knit - stocking stitch, texture or cables!

Rowan has added to the selection of designs suitable for the "Big Wool Family" with the addition of "Autumn Accessories", 14 accessory and garment designs by Marie Wallin. These new designs are shown knit up in either Big Wool or the new Big Wool Silk....to reinforce how these yarns are totally interchangeable!

Knitting with this yarn was sublime. That 30% silk takes that quick chunky knit that we love to make to a whole new level. I loved how this yarn felt while running through my fingers, and look at the stitch definition! 

My favourites from the "Autumn Accessories" collection are...

What a gorgeous accent sweater!
Nutmeg, shown in "Raffie" Big Wool Silk 

This wrap design, Cassia, would keep your shoulders warm...
maybe for that night at the theatre? or a winter dinner party?
Shown here in "Verse" Big Wool Silk

and of course the cover design!

 "Clove Loop Cowl"

Big (no HUGE) cowls are all the rage, and this is the most simple knit for dramatic impact! The Clove Loop Cowl is knit in the Linen shade of Big Wool.

Just imagine it in the luscious "Song" blue, or the gorgeous "Verse" green shades of Big Wool Silk

If you want to add a bit of silky elegance to your wardrobe, try Big Wool Silk!

I did a search on the Knit Rowan web site and the results are impressive.....click here to see all of the Big Wool Patterns.

Wouldn't it be lovely to see "Wanderer" from Rowan Magazine 48
in Big Wool Silk?

Happy Knitting,

(with Lackie and Daisy at her feet)


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