Pure Linen Love!

 I think I've said it before, but I'll say it again....
I  L O V E Rowan's Pure Linen!

The sheen of the fibre, the shades are subtle yet strong,
the fabric it creates has presence...
you know you are wearing it, and it drapes beautifully.

If you haven't tried Pure Linen....get yourself to your LYS and pick some up. There are 11 subtle shades...8 original and 3 new ones added this season, including the blue I am wearing here, Patagonian! Then there is the bright orange, Monte and the gold, Simpson. It was so hard to decide, but this seems to be my "blue" knit phase!

Lisa Richardson created the designs in the Pure Linen Collection last year....all classic summer shapes to knit and wear forever!

This sweater is the "Trinity" design from this collection.

The pattern as written is perfect!

My only modification was to the neckline. I loved the shape and depth of the V as is, so instead of doing a ribbed finish...I just picked up and immediately cast off the neckline stitches, for a clean minimalist finish.

While I truly wanted to glam up this top with some beads and Swarovski crystals, I realized that I would be able to wear it more often if I left it plain. 

This way I can put on a necklace like this great one I picked up at Springridge Farm (not only do they grow/sell fabulous Strawberries, they have a terrific gift shop and a wonderful selection of jewellery, and it's just down the road!)

Rowan Magazine 57 features designs that use Pure Linen in conjunction with other fabulous Rowan yarns, and a top designed for your crocheters!

I went through Ravelry and found some Pure Linen projects to give you (and me) inspiration!

This is my second Rowan Pure Linen knit.
Here is my first, from last summer....Mermaid in Byron Bay!
I love Pure Linen and could happily have a top in each shade!
I'm going through my vacation photos and will do a write up or two here...just in case any of you want to arm chair travel with me!

Until then,

Happy Knitting,

(with Lackie and Daisy by her feet)

Luckily we got home from vacation in time to catch the peonies in bloom.
I love them, they are so P I N K! 


  1. That sweater is stunning, Anne! I love that shade of blue, and it suits you really well. Knitting with the Rowan Linen is on my knitting to do list, and when I do tackle a project I'm pretty sure that's the shade I'll buy. Looking forward to seeing your holiday photos!

    1. Thanks Kristie! This blue is spectacular....love it...I think you will too!

  2. Anne, I love your new Trinity. And the colour suits you fabulous!


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