The Purple Rose of Cairo

My "Follow Your Arrow 2" is done!
Design by Ysolda Teague!
I missed the first FYA, but when I heard about the FYA2, I was ready to join in the fun
of 5 clues over 5 weeks....two options per clue, so a decision to be made every week...not too stressful!

I have to admit, I was not too comfortable with the whole "follow the instructions blindly" thing....
so every week I waited for the spoilers to be posted to decide!
I know!!! Such a chicken!

Week 1 - Clue A
Week 2 - Clue B
Week 3 - Clue A
Week 4 - Clue B
Week 5 - Clue A

The yarn? Rowan's Fine Art
Shade? #314 Rowan!

I have been photographing it all over the try and get the exact shade...
which of course is impossible because then you have to take into account
what you are seeing on your screen!

It even looked lovely, hanging in the bath room,
beside the purple tissue box :)

It seems purple is my new favourite shade!
Check out these purple potatoes I found at the supermarket!

I think this afternoon I will watch "The Purple Rose of Cairo", wearing my Rowan purple FYA2 shawl,  as I'm not ready to give up on the purple quite yet.

So......that's ANOTHER project finished.  That's a FP to you!

Finished Project! 

Much nicer than FO! Hey, I got an FO here! NO, from now on, hey, I've got a FP to show off! LOL!!!

Still waiting for a good day to photograph Mette outside, in some snow....without getting frost bite!  We are Canadians, we understand winter, but this February has been well below the seasonal average temperature. So cold here in Southern Ontario that I am using an additional heat source here in my basement yarn room. Being in a basement, picture it, surrounded by cold frozen ground! Ha ha ha....thank goodness for heat and hydro....and heated seats when we go out in the car!

I have a couple of design ideas to work on is a secret and the other is a challenge...

I knew when she walked into the yarn store, eyes wildly darting from from shelf to shelf, then peering at the screen of her iPhone, that this knitter had a challenge that I couldn't resist!

Hey, sounds like the start of one of those knitterly novels eh?

A relatively novice knitter with a photograph of a shawl that a colleague wears at work....surely it would be simple to replicate it....ha ha naive is that!

Until next time,

Happy Knitting,

(with Lackie and Daisy at her feet)

#knitting #knittersofinstagram #rowanyarns 


  1. Beautiful shawl. I'll be fav-ing that pattern on Ravelry. Beautiful tonal yarn, too. I also love the colour purple.

  2. Absolutely stunning. The colour is so beautiful. Barbara


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