Friday, February 13!

Friday the 13th knitters!  You know what that means!

Well, this is what happened rip rip....
because on Monday, while contemplating Clue 4 of the 

Follow Your Arrow 2 KAL,
I discovered a dropped stitch down in my Clue 3 wrapped bundles!

It took until today for me to get down to ripping it out (boo hoo)
and yes, now I have a marathon of knitting to do this weekend

 to be ready for Clue 5 on Monday!

Can I do it?

What have I been doing all week then you might ask :)
Well, my Earth Stripe Wrap 

(the one I am supposed to be knitting 5" a month on)
is now....pretty long.....
I must say it is addictive...and I love the way the colours work with each other.

Did you know that this is the 13th year that 
Rowan have produced Kidsilk Haze?
13 years and still going strong!

I've also been playing around with Crochet.
Yes, the "C" word!!!!

My little Tilley  Book of Crochet has large diagrams...

which makes it really easy to see what is happening.
So I applied that to my practice crochet, and did this motif in Rowan's Big Wool....easy to see what I'm doing that way!

So then I applied my new found Crochet skill to this swatch/
Quite a bit trickier crocheting with this Pure Linen yarn.
I think that washing and blocking will straighten everything out!

Here is another little something that is easy to knit 
but gives a great sense of accomplishment!
Two rows each of the grey and black shades of ShiBui Staccato

(70% super wash merino, 30% silk)

I'm going to call it the "Benedict" scarf :)

Congratulations to Mr. C and the soon to be Mrs. C!
Rumour (and the internet) has it that they are tying the knot
tomorrow on the Isle of Wight!

I wish he was going to win the Oscar (for The Imitation Game), but
I fear that Mr. Redmayne is going to win again....
and he deserves to for his performance
in "The Theory of Everything"

Very unlucky that these two movies came out the same year...
because I think they were both Oscar winning performances!

There is a new movie out this weekend....I hope we get out to see it!
"Kingsman: The Secret Service"
Looks like fun!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day - are you planning anything special? If I get to go to the movies this weekend, I'll get a big bag of popcorn for my Valentine's Day treat :) Ha ha ha, not very romantic I know !!!!

Hope you have a romantic Valentine's Day planned,

Happy Knitting,


with my two special Valentines, Lackie and Daisy!
and of course, my extra special Valentine, the Hubby! :)


  1. Well, looking at your ESW I'd say the 5" per month is off?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hello Anne. So annoying to have to rip your scarf, but worth it in the end, the colours are beautiful. Your Earth Stripe scarf is stunning. Enjoy the movies x. Barbara. This message looks as though my husband has replied, but it is me B x


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