Follow Your Arrow 2


Chose 1 A because of that gorgeous picot edge!

Decided to go with the wrapped bunches of stitches :) 3A

Because it repeats the theme of the stranding on clue 2B

Just in case one skein isn't enough, I went to my LRS, The Needle Emporium
for a backup skein of Fine Art.

My shawl has used up 63 grams of my 100 gram skein
and measured 25 cm in depth and 110 cm in width so far.

There are so many two colour shawls that I'm thinking of adding a second shade....we shall see :)

It's always fun to compare notes with a kitting friend!

My friend Ros is knitting the Follow Your Arrow 2 also....
here is her shawl so far, clues AAB

I love this blue/brown colour way.....she is using
the luscious Sundara Yarns!

Anyone else knitting Follow Your Arrow 2?

Happy Knitting,



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