Always a busy time of year...

Even for homebodies like us!  We have been out to dinner, to a concert, got together with family, dinner with friends in the Big TO (again) and it is only December 15!

While all this was going on....there was a lot of stuff going on here at LifeLDC!

This is (was) our laundry's on the main floor (in the LifeLDC Bungalow)
and hubby loves the washer/dryer being on these raised pedestals....
me, not so much.  I liked to use the top of the appliances to groom the dogs.
This may not sound like a big thing, but with two Westies, easy grooming is essential.
For over a year now, I have been sending them to be groomed...never entirely
happy with the results....yes they look cute....but we have had a few issues
and I'd rather groom them myself.
who would have thought that renovating one small room....
Would spread to almost every corner of our small house!
(yes, that is a toilet at the end of the hall!)
Of course, having no laundry facilities at home
has meant that I've spent a lot of time here!
Wow, do these machines do a whole lot'ta laundry at once :)
Yes, we are starting the 5th week of a 2 week renovation project!  Ha ha ha! It seems that 2 weeks of work is being spread out intermittently...

It doesn't help that the project has crept out of the laundry room to include a few other little jobs around the house! (When you have work men around - use them to full advantage!)

Lackie and Daisy like to help as much as they can....
while the Hubby supervises! :)
New floor throughout added a bit of time to the job!

The Kaffe Klatch is flagging a bit. I can feel it myself....and I'm sure my Klatch buddies Darlene, Ann and Ros are feeling the pinch too.  So I've asked them to send me photos whenever they can. I'll do a separate post to update on that.

The 8th Colourway Clue has been released by Rowan, and the 9th and FINAL Colourway Clue will be released on the 19th of December!  Also the Final Finishing and Trim details will be released then also....with technique videos by Sarah Hatton!

So Kaffe Blanket Knitters - we are nearing the finish line!  During the Martin Storey Mystery KAL, I did a blog post titled "Hitting the Wall, with your knitting..." and everything I posted there applies here.  We are in the home stretch....we need to push through the drudge of these last few squares!

One of the reasons I have been lagging a bit with my Kaffe Squares is because of the Martin Storey Nordic Tree Garland challenge I've set myself!  Then when I found out Claire at KnitandPurlGarden was knitting a garland too....well, that just made it all that much better!  We are both sticking to a tree a day...and are aiming to debut finished garlands on Christmas Day!  How cool is that! Update on that to follow too!

December 15 people - Christmas is only 10 days away!!!!

Happy Knitting,



  1. Longing for photos of the finished room. You must be too.

    1. Friday....hoping everything comes together then :)

  2. Poor you--all that mess and so near Christmas!

  3. Internal jobs always seem to take longer than planned and always create lots of mess! I'm sure the dogs will appreciate you grooming them. Daisy didn't enjoy going to the groomers , my husband did try using the cutters and poor Daisy ended up with a very short strip down her back! Sarah x

  4. I hate having work done in the house but LOVE it when its finished. Your laundry new laundry room looks great and the two little helpers are doing a great job too :)


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