Kaffe Klatch - Week 3 Update! and a SPOILER ALERT!

Ooohhh, the squares are piling up and I AM LOVING the KAFFE KAL!

How about you?

The Kaffe Klatch meeting this week was fun....we got together for virtual Afternoon Tea.   Ros was the hostess as she couldn't leave her house guest home alone.
Yes, that's Pickles' foot...she was holding the square cheat sheet that Ros made up for her squares!
Isn't that ADORABLE!

Once you have knit the squares following the pattern a couple of times....all you need are these handy cheater sheets.

What, you want a cheat sheet too?  Well, lucky for you, Sarah, one of the Rowan Ambassadors created a cheat sheet for herself - she is doing the Brown Colourway and you can find it here on her blog, Nottingham Knitter!  

Then Anja (another RA) modified the cheat sheet for each of the other colour ways too!

Get them at the I Am Snow Fox blog!

Week 3 - Brown Colourway

Even with her house guest, Ros has finished her Week 3 squares and she was wondering if 4 of each would be put together to make a square.

I say NO WAY!  Too orthodox.  This is KAFFE remember!
and what then would you do with those 3 "extra" squares?

Week 3 - Turquoise Colourway

Ann was so excited finally get knitting. She said...
 "I am knitting furiously to catch up! I really can't wait to see week 4. 

The colours are so awesome."

Weeks 1, 2 and 3 - Turquoise Colourway!

Ann has been busy!

Week 3 - Pastel Colourway

Darlene says...
"There is nothing nicer than knitting and chocolate!"

I bet this is chocolate bark from Mill Creek Chocolates!

I have been knitting away on my Red colourway squares!  The shades are amazing and I think when Kaffe talks about the colours vibrating...well, he must have been thinking about the Red colourway.

Week 3 - Red Colourway

What do you think? Gosh I love this colour combo - look at how that Peacock blue pops!
(Kaffe always says...add a bit of blue...yes he does!)

All of my squares will be blocked and ready to go for the 5th Clue which is scheduled to be released.....


12th November 2014 - 5th colour way, Videos from Sarah Hatton and Kaffe Fassett to help with making-up.

This is direct from the Rowan web site. It has been confirmed that this is a bit of a spoiler...so if you want to keep the layout of the afghan a mystery, don't watch!  But if you want to see how it is all going to go together, and how it is going to be sewn up, I gather that Sarah Hatton will be demonstrating that.  

If you watch these videos....there still will be mystery! Even though we know which shades are used in each clue...we don't know in what order the shades are used.

This 5th clue will bring us to 35 squares....and once complete, we will be over the half way mark!

Knit on Kaffe Klatch knitters and friends!

(I'd love to hear from fellow Kaffe Mystery KAL knitters...comments are always fun!)

Next time...Autumn fibre event fun! Until then...

Happy Knitting,


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  1. Kaffe Klatch...love the name! I'm doing the turquoise afghan with 2 blocks left to go and the brown small cushion, also 2 blocks left...and then I'll be caught up and ready for week 5. I'll be looking at the spoiler. I, too, am enjoying this knitalong. I think the projects will be amazing when they are put together. I've had so much fun that I haven't kept up with my blog. I must do that!

    1. Anne, Life LackaDaisiCal5 November 2014 at 10:18

      You are ambitious Joanne! Yes, why not look at "the spoiler" ? I think it will keep us all excited and encourage everyone to keep up....these Kaffe afghans and pillows are going to be spectacular!

  2. Hi Anne!
    I'm making the small cushion in…gasp!…the pastel colours. I thought I'd try something right out of my comfort zone, and it *is*! Every time I pick up the pink, I wonder what got into me…but we'll see at the end. I am familiar with Kaffe's work and would follow any of his patterns blindly. With him, I don't question, I simply execute. The sum is truly bigger than the parts here. I smiled when reading all the posts on how to change this and that…why? It's KAFFE! Simple methods, fabulous results. Now to see which living room chair will be adorned by this cushion!

  3. Anne, Life LackaDaisiCal5 November 2014 at 10:20

    Carmen! You are saying exactly what I have been thinking! Ha ha ha When it is Kaffe, just go with it. The results will be spectacular! I know he himself says to play with colour...but honestly...you can't beat a Kaffe colourway :)

  4. All the blanket squares are looking so beautiful. I find myself wishing I had joined the KAL. I am loving your red squares, Anne!

    1. Anne, Life LackaDaisiCal5 November 2014 at 12:05

      It's never too late to start Kristie! :)

  5. I'm working on the turquoise afghan but I'm woefully behind. I can only get three squares done between clues. I'm a slow knitter and my time is limited. But I'm having fun and can't wait to see it come together--love Kaffe's sense of color and design!

    1. Anne, Life LackaDaisiCal7 November 2014 at 09:45

      It doesn't matter how quick you knit....but that you are enjoying the whole thing. This afghan is going to be so worth it :) hang in there...consider yourself an honourary member of the Kaffe Klatch and send update photos to the LifeLackaDaisical facebook page if you can :)

  6. I absolutely love that you are all working on your squares together, what fun! Thank you for the chart mention, I'm so glad other people are finding them helpful too :)

    1. Anne, Life LackaDaisiCal7 November 2014 at 09:47

      Once you understand the construction....the words aren't required any more, and the chart is oerfect! Thanks again!

  7. I am making the Turquoise Afghan with some changes in the colours as the originals were not available when I went to get them. I think it will look great. When you mention spoiler videos, is there a link to them? I can't find anything on the Rowan website.

    1. Anne, LifeLackaDaisiCal7 November 2014 at 09:42

      Not yet Maya, I understand that the 5th clue will include making up info....and a video update that could be a spoiler :) Watch for the release Nov 12


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