Autumn Brings Fibre Festivals! The Woodstock Fleece Festival!

Autumn is my FAVOURITE time of year, and this year,
the leaves have been particularly spectacular!

This was taken as a zoom with my iPhone - so it is pixelated...
sort of like what you'd get with the Waterlogue app....
this is just down the road from us - these trees put on a show every year,
 but this year they are truly outstanding!

While walking Lackie and Daisy,
I've been collecting leaves and ironing them with wax paper!
Did you do that when you were young?
It became quite a thing with me this year, and so I had lots of leaves 
to decorate my Thanksgiving table!

Every year at this time, fibre enthusiastics....knitters and spinners, weavers and felters....all start to think about winter fibre projects....and a lot of us get a kick start by going to a local, or not so local, festival!  One of the most popular ones is the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival....more commonly referred to as "Rhinebeck".  Lots of Canadians make the road trip to join in the fun! Some day I hope to get down there! :)

Here in Ontario we have our own fibre festival....the Woodstock Fleece Festival, and it's only an hour down the road from me!  This is the first time I have just seemed like a great thing to do on a wonderful autumn day!

This is a very "from fibre to finished product" type of show.....alpaca, shetland sheep, angora fibre....all for the spinning enthusiast.

Here is what particularly caught my eye...first, in the barn....

Fibre Earth + Spirit Dolls by Ruth were there for sale.
Ruth takes commissions for a custom dolls......for a child, or for yourself!

If you are interested in having a doll made by Ruth,
let me know and I'll pass on her e-mail address to you....she doesn't have a web site!
In the barn there was this lovely Alpaca called Halifax
she was so friendly....
Hubby asks for hand knit socks....but socks aren't my thing :)
So when I saw these...I thought, right...and bought him a pair.
They are lovely and so finely knit (by machine)

Alpaca fibre from HPB Alpacas, fleece processed and socks manufactured

by Shears To You Fibre Pros.

Shears to You are having an open house on November 8!

I can't go :( but maybe you can!

Have you heard of dryer balls?

I have some plastic ones....but when I saw these Alpaca ones, I had to get them!

You toss the 3 balls in the dryer.  The felted fibre absorbs the moisture from the wet laundry
and releases it slowly throughout the drying cycle.  They prevent static build up, and the balls bouncing
around in there keep the clothes separated so things dry faster!

It works!

I got mine from TLC Alpaca in Mitchell, Ontario

In the auditorium.....There were some great yarn shops in my "Local" Rowan stockist....The Needle Emporium.  Julie blogged about the Woodstock show here and after the show here.

Deb from Sheeps Ahoy was there....I showed you her booth at the Kitchener-Waterloo fair

The Little Red Mitten yarn shop from St. Thomas, Ontario, was displaying the
+RowanYarns Martin Storey mystery afghan!
See the kits of yarn all ready for inspired knitters!

When you see absolutely stunning works of art like these drop spindles....
well, you have to be strong......I've tried drop spindle spinning
 and wasn't taken with the process....
but these spindles!  

There were all sort of luscious wooden spinning accessories

by Viscount Woodturning
find them on Etsy!

These are just a few really must go to the next Woodstock Fleece Festival. It has a very laid back "country fair" feel type of show.  Next time I'll show you what the Autumn "big city" show is like.

Until then,

Happy Knitting everyone!


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  1. Beautiful, beautiful foliage! Yep - I ironed leaves, too when I was a girl in Virginia. I have no beautiful leaves here in CO to iron other than aspen leaves that are long gone already. That Martin Storey afghan is calling to me but I must resist! (I'm thinking about making it using one of the other Kaffe KAL color ways).


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