And the Winner is!

Thank you all SO MUCH for entering this draw!

I went through each and every entry, looked to see if you had mentioned Emley (the sweater I am knitting) and if so, you got a bonus entry.

This made it a bit hard to set a random number I went with the old fashioned kind of draw....names on pieces of paper, bonus draws had a star on them, gosh my writing is absolutely horrible these days (who actually writes any more? I dictate on my iPhone and make grocery lists, everything that way...what is the world coming to?!?)

ha ha ha....the draw....

I wrote each entry on a line of a note book,
cut each line into a slim, long, entry
folded them all in a little knot
put them in my lovely new yarn bowl
and picked a name!

The winner, will receive 5 Absolutely Gorgeous Skeins of
+RowanYarns Fine Art Aran, in shade Conga (545)
(courtesy of Rowan Yarns - thank you Rowan!)

I had promised myself that my Emley sweater would be FINISHED
by the time I made this draw....but sometimes you can't rush things....
Finishing is something that doesn't come that easy to me,
I have to be in the mood.

The sleeves are done - I have to sew the underarm seams and then the tricky bit....sewing them into the arm hole!

To finish it all off, finish the neck edging....a slight deviation from the pattern!

You will remember that I knit a vintage Rowan design
"Zen" by Carol Meldrum in Fine Art Aran for my hubby!

Now with Emley for me, I thought I might be finished
with Fine Art Aran.....

but I was WRONG!
(imagine! hubby will tell you that I am NEVER wrong LOL!)

Look at this lovely!
A new's by....
ha ha ha, almost got me talking there :)
I'll reveal the details of this design when I show you my finished Emley!

drum roll please.....

Virginia!  I have contacted Virginia and will get
the gorgeous Fine Art Aran in the mail to her asap!

Virginia is one of my Life LackaDaisical Facebook "Like"s
If you are on FaceBook, I'd love it if you visited and "Like" ed my LifeLackaDaisical Page!

Next time? My finished Emley, or maybe a report on my fibre filled day trip to the Woodstock Fleece Festive, or my day in the big city at the Creative Festival, much to talk about!

'Til next time!

Happy Knitting,


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Anne   :)

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  1. Blown away by my luck and your generosity! Thank you so much!!!

    1. Anne, Life LackaDaisiCal3 November 2014 at 09:59

      You are welcome Virginia! I love this yarn and hope you will love it too :)

  2. Lucky Virginia! I love your sweater Anne. Fine Art Aran looks fabulous and I must, Must, MUST knit with soon!! :)

    1. Anne, Life LackaDaisiCal3 November 2014 at 10:01

      Yes, give it a go Linda.....I love the shade used in this new design :)

  3. Wow! What a great giveaway! Somehow I missed this!

  4. Anne I love the colour patterning. It's spectacular!

    1. Anne, LifeLackaDaisiCal6 November 2014 at 07:42

      Thanks Cindi :)


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