The Life LDC Kaffe Klatch

You've heard of having a Coffee Klatch - when you invite your friends, or perhaps neighbours over for a coffee and a natter?

Well, this is the Life LDC Kaffe Klach!

I have invited my friends over to Knit Kaffe and Klatch!  Unfortunately, we are on opposite sides of the Atlantic, so meeting in person is going to be troublesome.  So this is going to be a virtual Kaffe Klatch here on the Life LackaDaisiCal blog, reporting on each "Week" of the +RowanYarns Kaffe Mystery Afghan KAL!

Week 1

Darlene is knitting the cushion in Kaffe's Pastel Colourway

She wrote... "Ahhhh...memories of those fun lazy summer days while sitting on the porch and enjoying a large bowl of neopolitan ice cream.  Knitting the pastel square is addictive and brings back those childhood memories.  In the midst of blocking my squares...can't wait to see the new pattern on the 10th!"
Ros is knitting the afghan in Kaffe's Brown colour way.  She did some desert island knitting on Tresco and took this gorgeous photo for us!
Ann (without an "e") is still waiting for her Kaffe Turquoise colour way yarn to arrive!  The Kaffe KAL has created an unanticipated demand that has left retailers scrambling for stock.  Poor Ann!

I tried to reach her this morning...but this is Ally Pally weekend...I wonder if she went?
I am knitting the afghan in Kaffe's Red colour way!  

Never never never would I have put these shades together....but that is the whole point of a Kaffe knit...the Glorious Colour!

The shades for week 2 of the Red colour way are already in my knitting box with needle at the ready.

Week 2 pattern will be available tomorrow, October 10 on the web site!

Want to get in on the fun?  Here is the shopping list!  Note that you can knit an afghan, a pillow or a large pillow - or all three (wouldn't that be lovely!).

If you like lots of chat and support, join the Rowan Yarns Group on Ravelry. 

If you are a Facebook user, you can post progress photos to the Rowan Yarns Facebook page

Rowan are having a "Kidsilk Haze Create A Shade" contest - celebrating 13 years of Kidsilk Haze!  Click through for all of the details!

Speaking of Kidsilk Haze - look at this!
Seems that Rowan Loves kidsilk haze & felted tweed!  So do I! ha ha ha

No details yet....but I hear it is coming out in November and I'm so in love with that cardigan on the cover!

and Kim Hargreaves has just released ANOTHER book!
I just got North and now there is this.. STILL!
There is just not enough time to knit all of the fabulous designs that are coming out right now! I am actually feeling a bit overwhelmed!  Seriously!  I was hoping to get started on the sleeves of Emley after I finished my first 7 squares...but the week days have flown by...with day to day routine and unexpected twists of life!

Maybe after I knit the next 7 squares :) I will get back to Emley.

Happy Knitting!

Anne :)

PS:  Don't forget to enter my "Fine Art Aran Giveaway" draw

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  1. What a fun post! Great idea including your friends around the world. Love your colour choices ... And the Neapolitan ice cream too of course. Good job!!

  2. I love the colour of your Kaffe squares. I'd never have put them together either but don't they look amazing! And eeermm, the ice-cream... careful that doesn't drip onto your squares!! :) Linda


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