Kaffe Klatch - Week 2 Update!

It seems crazy to say "Week 2" when the colour way "clues" are released every 10 days or so....but that's how I think about it. Our Life LDC Kaffe Klatch is a bit late...but here's the update!

Finally!  Ann's Turquoise colour way yarn has arrived!
I am sure that at this moment she is busily knitting to catch up!

Darlene is finding that knitting her pastel colour way squares
 for the small pillow cover
 is just perfect for her busy schedule!

Ros is warming up to the Brown colour way :)

Chestnuts always make me think of sitting by the fire...you know
"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire"
ha ha ha.....
that reminds me - I MUST ORDER WOOD!
Hoping that there is NO repeat of last year!
The big ice storm of Christmas 2013!

The past few weeks have been a bit of a trial here, personally and of course to the Canadian culture! Thank goodness for knitting, as it really does soothe the soul in times of trouble. While I did fall behind a bit, I am catching up and have completed my week 2 squares...and have started my week 3 squares just a few days after the release of the colour way clue !

The Kaffe Mystery KAL - join in the fun!  Kaffe and Kate have appeared in another video!  Kaffe explains how simple his colourful knitting can be! With 56 shades in the +RowanYarns  Pure Wool Worsted Yarn, Kaffe had fun coming up with colour ways!

Emley update!  I have finished the sleeves....so just the finishing left to do! I hope to finish my week 3 squares and finish Emley before the week 4 colour clue release! 

So, if you haven't entered my "Fine Art Aran Giveaway" contest....time to do it NOW as it will officially close on Friday, October 31! It looks like I will have 5 skeins of Fine Art Aran to give away! Make sure to get your entry in!

By then my Emley will be finished!  Yes, FINISHED!  (Nothing like setting a deadline for yourself!

Happy Knitting everyone!

Anne :)

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  1. Haha, Kaffe Klatch! You clever thing!

    1. Ha ha ha! I feel that it is easier to tackle a project like this....with a little help from your friends! Unfortunately, we are separated by miles and miles....so can't meet in person :)


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