Well, I didn't buy any yarn...

True to my word, I didn't buy any yarn at the annual Kitchener-Waterloo Guild Fair...but I did snap up a few irresistible goodies!

Look at these buttons!  Such an industrial feel
- the finish is much darker than in this photograph!

AND, they are about 2" across!
I have NO project in mind...but I am thinking...

There is no name on the receipt and I forgot to get a card.....drats!
A draw-string project bag! I loved the fabric! There is a pocket inside (not a very big pocket) that you can fold the whole thing up in on itself...not sure why I'd do that....I want to USE THIS! :)
Look at the detail....a piece of felt to attach the little loop thingie.....there is no corresponding button anywhere...
so I am not sure what this is for...any ideas?

This bag and a lot of other styles are created by
Alison Ruth Designs

Then I saw this booth!

Look at those yarn bowls!
At one point I had 3 of them in a row....trying to decide...
this was the one I chose...

  What a fabulous finish!

Hubby looked at me with his eyebrows raised.... "Don't you already have a yarn bowl, or two?" pointedly looking down to the shelf where my yarn bowls live "They are green and brown too!"

"Not Green and Brown like this one....and this one is larger than those two..."

"Oh yes?"
It is so gorgeous....it almost floats!
Not really, but it does look good on my Noguchi wannabe table!

Yarn Bowls courtesy of Patina Studios

See, I didn't buy any yarn! but that doesn't mean I didn't fondle any....I'll save that for next time!

Don't forget that Sally Melville offers you this Discount for her "Essential Techniques Every Knitter Should Know" class.  Click on through....tell them Sally sent you :)

Wow, Thank you Sally for this great offer!

Don't forget to enter my draw to win 4 (or even 5) skeins of Rowan Fine Art Aran.  I will keep adding names to the draw until I finish my Emley sweater!  Front and Back both done - sleeves are next!

Are you joining the new Kaffe Fassett Mystery Blanket knit-a-long? Rowan will be releasing the first pattern on October 1! I'm doing the "Red" 
colour way and have ordered the yarn! There are already 750 knitters signed up on the Ravelry thread - WOW!

Thank you for all of your kind messages about Daisy. Daisy does seem to be better....but we have 9 more days of pills and drops to go....so it's one day at a time!  She still wants to play ball...so that is always a good sign.  Thank you for thinking about her!

Happy Knitting!


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Anne   :)

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  1. the loop is perhaps to hang up on a hook?- a kind of small hook it would seem.

    Beautiful finds!

    1. Yes, perhaps if there was a handy hook it would keep your project bag off of the floor?

  2. Great purchases Anne! I love your yarn bowl. So funny that your hubby noticed you have two others ;)

    1. I really want a bigger one Linda....to display yarn in....I guess he might notice that one too :) darn....

  3. It reminds me of the loop on the 'go knit pouch', but it isn't snappable, right? http://www.stitchdiva.com/goknit-pouch


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