OMG!  +RowanYarns is doing it again!  This time with KAFFE!!!!  Rowan has just announced a new Afghan KAL - this time it is designed by Kaffe Fasset!  Go to Rowan's Facebook page to read all about it!

You know I am a HUGE fan of KAFFE.....
Kaffe is celebrating 50 years in the world of Fibre Arts....and how fitting that he has designed the next Rowan Yarns Knit-A-Long Afghan!

The Martin Storey afghan was so much fun and Hubby and I regularly tussle over who is going to wrap up with it while watching our nightly episode of Masterpiece Mystery, Inspector Morse, Lewis or some other such British TV!
Then there is the added complication of two adorable Westies who want, no DEMAND, their personal afghan time with yes, I tried to resist....but RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!

There is a colour way for all!!!!
There are 4 colour ways, an afghan and two pillow options for the KAL!  Here is a link to take you to the materials list on the KnitRowan web site!

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO REGISTER ANYWHERE! But you do have to be a KnitRowan member to download the patterns....not a member? You can register is free....and gives you access to all of the great free patterns on the Knit Rowan web site, a monthly newsletter....all sorts of good free stuff!

To join in on the can participate on the Rowan Yarns Facebook page, or on the Rowan Yarns Ravelry Group.  It is that simple! 

Hint:  If you just want to knit along and post your photos occasionally....the Facebook Page is for you.  If you want the full throttle KAL experience, join the Ravelry group for daily updates, photos...moans and groans (yes, you know there will be!)

The afghan is going to be quite large - and the rectangular cushion mentioned is large also (a little birdie told me so).  I am imagining my knitting room couch complete with Kaffe blanket and cushions now....OH we go again!

Enjoy this introductory video with Kaffe and Kate Buller chatting about the afghan and the shades!

What are you waiting for! Pick your colour way.....go to your LYS or get on line and order your yarn!  October 1 will be here in the blink of an eye!

The Chronicle of My Kaffe Addiction:

My Kaffe addiction took hold in 1993....I still remember going to the Creative Sewing and Needlework Show (that's what it was called back then) and lining up....Kaffe was there signing copies of his latest book.

Kaffe Fassett 1993

He looked up...our eyes met.....well, that was it LOL!!!

In June while in the UK I visited the Kaffe Exhibit at the American Museum in Bath....I loaded a bunch of photos to a LifeLackaDaisiCal photo album....and you can see it here.....Kaffe at the American Museum

I also squeezed into the Kaffe Exhibit at the Textile and Fashion Museum in November last year in London - it was closing....we were in literally passing through....and had stayed over night on our way back from Switzerland. I convinced the Dear Hubby that there was time to visit this exhibit before we headed off to the airport for our flight home. I put the photos from this visit into a video that is in this post and then there is this post too!

Even though I don't quilt....Kaffe and Brandon together at the first Stitchtopia February 2013 was hard to resist!  (I was travelling with a knitterly friend and meeting up with other knitterly friends...) 

OK....after revealing that I spent the weekend with Martin.....Part 1 and Part 2I guess full disclosure is required here.....

Yes, I spent the weekend with Kaffe back in October of 2008...there I've said it.....  :)

Actually, it was a weekend workshop with Brandon
leading us in knitting the Persian Poppy motif!

But Kaffe was quietly knitting in the background...
this was literally as close to him as I got until
he sat down to sign books at the end of the weekend!
Kaffe in a knitting frenzy is not to be toyed with!

Details of that weekend are here!

I don't want you to think that I am a knitting floozie!  I think this shows that I have GREAT TASTE in Knitting Idols!  Don't you think?

Let it be known, for the record, that I am also a great fan of Rowan's Marie Wallin, Sarah Hatton and Lisa my most recent Rowan projects have proven. 

But I haven't actually knit anything Kaffe....EVER! OMG did I just say that out loud?!?!?  I have only admired from afar! So it's about time.....

Who is with me?  
Who is joining the Rowan Kaffe KAL!

PS: Don't forget to enter my 
"Fine Art Aran Giveaway" draw

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  1. He is amazing! I got a signed copy of Glorious Patchwork in 1997 at the Creative Sewing and Needlework Show, as a Christmas gift for my Mum. It was very exciting seeing him - I was actually nervous :-). I have never made anything of his, so I am very excited to join the KAL.

    Irene McHarg-Coey

  2. This is a fabulous opportunity to make one of Kaffes' designs. I have almost finished my Martin Storey Afghan so will probably have a go at one of the cushions. I can't wait to see what they look like!

    1. Hi Judith! I was thinking to just do the cushions also.....but hubby says to go for the Afghan :) He is such an enabler :)

  3. Oh, how can I resist? It's Kaffe and I love multi-shades of red.

    1. Are you going to go Pure Wool Worsted....or do another stash busting project. Someone on Ravelry suggested doubling up your yarns to make a bigger afghan.....would use more stash too....sounds like a plan to me :)

  4. This project is a must; considering where I am I can't gain access to most of the Rowan yarns, ordering online is the only option....or making another trip to the UK?? ..haha.. Couldn't purchase all the colours for the Martin Storey Afghan KAL :(

  5. my yarn is already on order - all back ordered from the FLOOD of orders here in the US - I think every online shop that carries pure wool worsted is sold out! I am a long time admirer of Kaffe - can't wait - Mel

    1. Yes, yarn shops are scrambling to get more yarn! I think this will be a fun knit.....I look forward to seeing the colour way you chose....which one I to share?

    2. Hi Anne - I was really torn between the brown colorway and the pastel YES the pastel was very intriguing to me. A lot of depth of color and I loved the greens but the brown was really me to a tee ! have you divulged which you are doing ????


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