Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters' Fair

I was NOT going to go to the Fair this year...but a "are you going?" "we are on our way" e-mail, combined with a dull and overcast day prompted me to hop in the car and head West on the 401!

Spontaneous means you just never know what will haven't done any didn't just go.

My only thought was...NO MORE YARN! Honestly, my allocated yarn storage area is full and I really need to clear out.  It is ALL lovely yarn, but I have to be realistic...more about this later

After parking, texting my friends to say "I have arrived...where are you?", we met up and immediately went for a coffee.  They had already toured one of the two large show halls and were ready for refreshments. I had to contain myself for a bit :).  (Last year all vendors were in one hall and there was a bit of trouble with the size of the hall, the number of enthusiastic knitters, and a Fire Marshall that just didn't understand that knitters want to get to their favourite vendors NOW!)

So it seemed appropriate that as I arrived, someone might be leaving...keeping the knitter:space ratio in balance...and look who it was!

Sally Melville! Founder of the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters Guild...who now resides in our Capital City, Ottawa! Sally is wearing her "Turn-Around Tunic".  Follow the link to Ravelry and check out her other designs while you are there!

There was time for a brief chat only...but coincidentally, just that same morning, this had appeared on my Facebook news feed...

What a fabulous opportunity to take a class with the comfort of your own home, while on vacation, well anywhere you have access to the internet! Once you register for a Craftsy class, it is yours forever! You can take it over and many times as you want or stays in our Craftsy account.

Sally would like to invite you to sign up for her class and offers you this Discount for her "Essential Techniques Every Knitter Should Know" class.

Wow, Thank you Sally!

Next time...More about what I found at the Kitchener-Waterloo Fair!

Don't forget to enter to win 4 (or even 5) skeins of Rowan Fine Art Aran.

Are you joining the new Kaffe Fassett Mystery Blanket knit-a-long? Rowan will be releasing the first pattern on October 1!

Gosh, so much going on!

Happy Knitting,


PS:  Poor Daisy has a serious ear infection. I feel like such a bad doggy Mom to not have noticed this, but she didn't seem poorly until Friday am when she shook her head  couple of times. I immediately got the ear cleaning solution out but was dismayed t what I found..poor Daisy. Luckily there was an appointment available at our Vet that morning..and she is now on steroids and antibiotics for 14 days, with daily ear drops too!  Dr. A. did a full wellness blood test on her and was amazed at the fabulous levels she has. He commented on her muscle tone and general Westitude for an almost 11 year old! Way to go Daisy!

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  1. Poor wee Daisy! Hope she gets better soon!! My furry friend is also on steroids and antibiotics. It's the season, Anne. My wonderful vet said it is sometimes allergies.

  2. Poor Daisy! I am glad that she is feeling better. Did u buy any yarn? :). I need to go to that Fair!

  3. I'm sorry about Daisy's ear infection. If only dogs could talk and let us know they didn't feel well. Fergus has been on steroids twice and it was a nightmare. They basically made him incontinent. I hope Daisy handles them okay. I'm very tempted to get that Craftsy class, but already have a "stash" of classes I need to work my way through. Ha!


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