Luxurious Serendipity!

My host here in the UK is a surprise there right?

On her coffee table I spotted the latest edition of pompom magazine. 

With a cup of tea, I enjoyed this mini magazine.....
love the size, the weight, the thickness of each page...

One design caught my lovely....
not that I'll be needing a baby blanket any time soon :) 
but...the yarn...Cashmere! 100% Cashmere!

My hostess loves cashmere, so I commented on the lovely yarn in the pompom pattern...had she heard of this cashmere?

"Oh yes, Elisabeth lives not far from here. Do you think you'd like to go? I could ring her up and sort something."

Well, yes, I'd love to go!  (A girl can always add a little Cashmere to her stash!)

Top to bottom, in my bag :)
weld -reseda inteola
hibiscus tea
And another hibiscus tea a display :)
You can find her at select fibre festivals in the UK (Unravelled for example)...but she does have a web site Elisabeth Beverley's Plant Died Wool. Unfortunately she does not do mail order.

We had a lovely visit :)

Not easy to find,
A former Baptist Chapel now houses Elisabeth and her dye pots

And the yarn...oh the yarn!

Speaking of Cashmere....a new Rowan Yarn, "Rowan Finest"  will soon be arriving in your LYS.
Last week I was at the RowanYarns mill for a gathering of the Rowan Ambassadors.  Of course we talked yarn...and I came away with two balls of Rowan Finest in shade 26, Cool
and I have been knitting away while here in the UK on Vacation.

Taking inspiration from my trip, I have a little something to share with time...
As well as a detailed report on the Rowan Ambassador conference...not to be missed for insider info... :)

Happy Knitting,



  1. I can just see the crazed look in your eyes when your hostess asked "Do you think you'd like to go?" :-)

  2.!!!!! How absolutely wonderful! That cashmere looks exquisite. What fun Anne!! And I'll be waiting eagerly for your "insider's report"!

  3. 100% cashmere?? You lucky thing, so jealous!

  4. Cashmere is so scrumptious! Luck you :)


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