Mystery Afghan Progress

Progress on the Rowan Yarns Mystery Afghan has stalled a bit.....but with the addition of a new shade.....

And a slightly modified layout plan.....

But I should be back on track in time for the week 5 clue!

Anyone else out there participating? How are you doing?

You have to come as close to the stated gauge as possible. If you are close, usually judicious blocking does the final tweaking.

But, if you are wildly off size, an adjustment in needle size will be required. Is your square way too wide....go down a needle size.....think of a block as a swatch.

Are your squares a little too wide and not tall enough? Blocking can fix that! Wash your block, give it a little tug it down to a 20 cm square....pat down gently to tame any unruliness, let it will be amazed!

Until next time, Happy Knitting!


Daisy says....This one is mine!

(Yes, it is the new shade - 117
Raspberry that has been added to the mix!)


  1. Thank you for the advice,my squares are a bit over and I am currently blocking them. I am way behind haven't started this weeks squares yet! Love the colours you choose.

    1. Hi Judith! The great thing about this weekly challenge :) is that you can just stop one and get on with the new square....if you finish your squares for the week, you can then go back and catch up. By starting the new squares when the pattern is released, you get the enjoyment and excitement of something new....which we all need when doing a marathon KAL like this one :) Right now, I'm almost finished my week 4 squares, but I have decided to go back and knit my week 3 on a smaller seems that my garter stitch is a bit loose and is making that square a bit too floppy for my taste. Luckily I was busy last week and only knit 2 of the week not really much to redo! Week 3 was a perfect example of sometimes needing to adjust your needle sizes to obtain gauge... even between squares. I know!!!

  2. Lovely looking squares Anne ~ can't wait to see it all finished :)


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