I'm still learning how to Crochet.....so I made another "Swatch" Cowl

I need to get better at crochet, so yes, I made another "swatch" cowl....this time in crochet, and here is what I did... Oh, you don't know how to crochet?  Well, go to the bottom of this post for links to great "Learn to Crochet" videos on You Tube by Rowan!  That is how I learned when I did my "Frances Crochet Scarf" 

Fine Art Aran Crochet Swatch Cowl
Materials:  1 skeins of +RowanYarn Fine Art Aran, Shade Bolero 543 
(or 170m/186y of lovely Aran weight yarn)
4.5 mm hook

Using 4.5mm Crochet Hook, chain 100, turn

DC into each chain (100)

Now, ensuring that your work is not twisted, slip stitch into the first DC to create a round.   Using the tail of your cast on row, join your original foundation chain into a round.  (Doing one row of DC makes it MUCH easier to do this without twisting!)

This is a SUPER SIMPLE crochet cowl….it’s a swatch…you get to learn all of the basic crochet stitches and create a lovely crochet cowl.  Depending on what yarn you use, it will be bright and beautiful, soft and subtle, or sophisticated neutral…your choice!

We will now work in rounds of the “basic crochet stitches - always joining into the round with a slip stitch.

When changing to different stitches on the round….you must create a chain "post" to get to the heigh of the stitch you want to do on the round.

So, Using UK crochet terms…..

Vary rounds of Double Crochet (DC), Half Treble (HT), Treble (T) and Double Treble (DT) until you run out of yarn.

When starting the round - make a chain “post” to get to the proper heigh for the stitch you are going to use on the round - DC (chain 1), HT (chain 2), T (chain 3) DT (chain 4).

Always join the round with a slip stitch into the top chain of the beginning “post”.

So, here are the ONLY 4 rows you need to do....

DC Round:  Chain 1, DC into 100 stitches, slip stitch to first chain to complete the round

HC Round: Chain 2, HC into 99 stitches, slip stitch to the top chain of the "post" at the beginning of the round.

T Round:  Chain 3, skip first stitch, T into 99 stitches, slip stitch to the top chain of the "post" at the beginning of the round.

DT Round:  Chain 4, skip first stitch, DT into 99 stitches, slip stitch to the top chain of the "post" at the beginning of the round.

Repeat these 4 rows in any order you wish.....crocheter's choice!

When you are running out of yarn, complete the round by joining with a slip stitch, and finishing off the yarn end by working it into the back (wrong) side of the piece.  Although, I must say that both sides of crochet look rather nice!

ALWAYS give your finished item a wash in a good fibre wash - I personally LOVE Soak! (The scents are lovely and light.) Lay flat to dry away from direct sunlight.  If you want, a gentle steam with the iron will also help your woollens to drape...don't actually let the weight of the iron rest on your knitted fabric...just ever so lightly run it over your garment.

I hope you enjoyed practicing your crochet stitches while creating this simple Crochet Swatch Cowl!

(If anyone out there can tell me a better way to explain crochet in rounds, please don't be shy, leave a comment!)
Bolero in Crochet really highlighted the yellow
in this colour way - reminders me of Easter!

As always, livin’ Life LackaDaisiCal


+RowanYarns  Fine Art Aran shades

My original Fine Art Aran Collection on the KnitRowan Web site!

Learn to Crochet with Rowan You Tube Videos!

DC Double Crochet (US Single Crochet)

HT Half Treble (US Half Double Crochet)

T Trebles (US Double Crochet)

DT Double Trebles and more!

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  1. It's lovely - the perfect Easter cowl. I'm learning to crochet too - I have the basic stitches down and have figured out granny squares, but haven't tried crocheting in the round yet - I think a cowl like this would be the perfect project. I love how variegated yarns look different when crocheted - sometimes I'm not happy with them knitted, then I try a few crochet stitches and fall in love with the yarn again.

    1. I like these hand dyed yarns when knit with a stitch that gives texture...and I agree, they work in crochet too!


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