Great design stands the test of time....

look at the clean lines of that couch...
and don't you just love those floating shelves!
that Noguchi table was designed in 1947!

the Eames Chair in 1956

great designs stand the test of time!

(As much as I'd love to say this was MY living room....
it is not.....)

When I first introduced you to Rowan's new Fine Art Aran, it was so new that there were no designs "available" for the yarn yet.

What Rowan did was select a collection of designs from the Rowan Archive to be reworked in this new yarn - and released them in the "Mini Collection knitted using Fine Art Aran" booklet.

These "Mini Collection" books are a great way
 for Rowan to repurpose truly great designs...

"classics" reworked in new yarns.

Designs shown here are:  Kandinsky Sweater (cover),

 and Lowry, Dali, Van Gogh (right top to bottom)

Hand painted yarns - you either love 'em, or you don't!  :)  Pooling can be an issue. The Kandinsky Sweater and Dali look great as shown....Van Gogh (to me) isn't quite so successful. The pooling is too dramatic.  I love the way Lowry worked up in this yarn!  (I wonder if it was knit using two skeins, alternating them to break up the pooling?)

It has become a bit of a challenge for the Ravelry Rowan Love Group to identify the "original" of these reworked designs.  Dali caught my eye....turns out it was "Chippy" by Kim Hargreaves from Rowan Magazine 27!

That got me pulling out my copy of Magazine 27 to take a look at the original Chippy.  (I never miss an opportunity to go through one of the older Rowan magazines.)

While contemplating the Chippy design in Magazine 27, something else caught my eye!  A design that was knit in parts and seamed together...a design that would showcase the beautiful hand pained Fine Art Aran yarn.....a design that MY HUSBAND LOVED!

Hubby loves, and wears all the time, my Fine Art 4x4 Rib Fine Art Swatch Cowl!
(This is a free pattern available to download from the Knitrowan web site here.)

It was knit in the shade Bachata (no. 551) so that decision was easy!

Well, he isn't hard to's more finding a design that he likes, that I want to knit....and me slotting it into my knitting queue!

So this was it - the time had arrived - the stars and the moon were in alignment!  It was time to knit the Hubby a sweater.....this sweater!

Zen, by Carol Meldrum!
That's Zen on the right - knit in Rowan Handknit DK Cotton 
Here it is done in Rowan Denim!

It shows you that even in knit design, a really great one stands the test of time.  This is the reason that I LOVE my older Rowan Magazines.  Although you might not knit something from a magazine right just might knit something 15 years later!

Lackie would like to suggest....

Life LDC introduced you to Rowan's Fine Art Aran here.

Want to see all of the designs in the "Fine Art Aran Mini Collection?"

View my "Fine Art Aran Online Collection" of swatch cowls!

Fellow Rowan Ambassador Dayana made full use the "Fine Art" of this yarn. You must read her post on planned pooling!

Next time, I'll talk about the details of reworking a vintage design!

'til then,

Happy Knitting!

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  1. You are so right great designs do stand the test of time and fashion goes around and around in circles. Needless to say I love your new header and Lackie as a model! Sarah x

  2. Sarah! Yes, I love looking at the "old" "classics"!

    Lackie is happy to be my "star". I have decided to put little photos of Lackie and Daisy on my blog posts.....they are so adorable....and it makes me smile!



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