Easy Folded Poncho

A little Life LackaDaisiCal fairy tale.....

A day out with a friend....
all dressed up with no where to go!

Oh, a phone call from the hubby!

Him:  Where are you?  You'd better not be at the yarn store!

Me:  No dear....not at the yarn store.....yet!
ha ha ha ha ha!

Quick links:

"Easy Folded Poncho"
by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

there are 186 EFP's done in Felted Tweed on Ravelry

My Easy Folded Poncho project page on Ravelry

Yarn: +RowanYarns Felted Tweed DK, shade Treacle (145)

My Rowan Stockist - The Needle Emporium

I love the sheer simplicity, the rhythm of stocking stitch....yes, it's a lot of stocking stitch!  

When "yarning up" for this project, I knew I wanted the shade "Treacle" but I didn't have enough in my stash for the project.  I had 4 and I needed 7!  So what's a knitter to do! Well, you go to your LRS and buy some more!  I'd had my stash of Treacle for a while, so of course the new dye lot didn't match....solution?  Buy 4 of the new dye lot and do two rows of each...alternating them throughout the project.  The result is a subtle stripe effect...nothing obvious...but you know it isn't just a plain old knit!


Should I add the optional cowl?  I've worn this a couple of times now, and I think the cowl might be nice.  I have enough yarn (in a mix of both dye lots) to do this....so you might see an update soon!


  1. Replies
    1. Purely fictional Dayana......he would never question a trip to the yarn store :)

  2. I'm RIGHT NOW making that same poncho! It's a great travel knit and yours is lovely.

  3. I love that poncho, but I love your response to your husband even more. :-)

    1. I can write fiction, based on real life experience too Kristie!


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