I've been down in the my yarn room......looking at my STASH!

Because I've finished Claudia, a Kim Hargreaves
design from her "Smoulder" collection!

Should my next knit be another Kim design?

I'll have to decide....

Someone always wants to join in the photo fun!

Quick links:

"Claudia" by Kim Hargreaves

from her collection"Smoulder"

 "Claudia" pattern page on Ravelry

My Claudia on Ravelry

Yarn: +RowanYarns Kid Classic, Shade 872, Earth

My Rowan Stockist - The Needle Emporium

I thought this "Earth" shade of Rowan Kid Classic yarn would look wonderful photographed outside with a backdrop of glorious autumn leaves! I had planned to go back into the wood lot on the farm next door....but on Friday the wind was howling and outdoor photography was frankly scary and would have been foolish among a stand of old trees. Alternative arrangements had to be made!  

I was attracted to the Claudia design in "Smoulder" because it was a stylish, but plain knit...f you know what I mean! A classic sweater in stocking stitch...with a seed stitch and moss stitch bottom border that is left open as a side slit.  I also loved the K3P2 deep rib on the sleeves.  I did take note of the wide neckline and the off-shoulder photo..... and I chose to knit the sweater as designed.

The schematic showed that there was subtle side shaping.  The instructions have you do the decreases and increases 10 stitches in from the edge stitch - it gives a beautiful shape to the garment which is something I might adopt in future knits!

The raglan shaping was done only one stitch in - so the shaping decreases butt up against each other when you do the seam - I would move them out 3 stitches to make them "fully fashioned" as they say!

This yarn is warm, is it going to be too warm for the house, and what about under a down coat - the Canadian traditional winter wear? It certainly does get cold here in Canada and I spent a lot of time in my cold basement yarn this sweater might be just the thing! Maybe that's the idea of the wide neck  - perhaps it acts as air conditioning for comfortable in-house wear....we will see. Luckily I have a few shawlettes that I can wear around the neck....and take them off quickly when a hot flash strikes! :)

A Ravelry friend commented that this sweater looks "relaxed and elegant at the same time"  I couldn't have put it better myself!  Thanks Ann!

Happy Knitting!

PS:  While searching for a photo of fully fashioned decreases, I came upon this old blog post on a technique called "Wale Deflection" - worth investigating further I think!  Although Superneedle's Knitting Adventures looks like it has been warrants further investigation! ...look at this post about different decreases!


  1. It's a gorgeous sweater Anne, just classically beautiful! I think you'll get a lot of wear from it because it will look beautiful dressed up or down. Kim's patterns are so good that way. Because the neckline has some breathing room you may find you won't get too warm in it. Tempted to make it myself, what can be better than gorgeous yarn in a flattering design?

    1. I'd love to see you in a Claudia would look fabulous!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous ! I don't think Kid Classic would work in NE FL but I do have some in stash. hope you enjoy it this winter. Cheers ! Melody

    1. Thank you is such a classic design...maybe you could adapt it to a yarn more suitable to the Florida climate?

  3. This looks great on you, and I particularly like that neckline!

  4. Looks lovely on! I suspect quite a few knitters will make one now they've seen yours.

  5. It really suits you. Such a flattering neckline. Really lovely knit !

  6. Claudia is lovely! Is it wrong to hope you get an especially cold winter so you can get lots of wear out of the sweater? :-)

  7. This sweater truly looks awesome on you Anne, color included! I must get this book :)

    1. Thanks Tina. I don't have all of Kim's books....but they are quite special....Kim has a classic style that I love.


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