Rowan's Fine Art in an ARAN WEIGHT!

Rowan Yarns Fine Art ARAN!

Rowan Yarns Fine Art ARAN!  A close cousin to the Fine Art Sock yarn, the Aran weight is Wool: 50%, Mohair: 20%, Silk: 5%, Alpaca: 25%

This yarn has just popped up on the Knit Rowan web site - it's so new, they don't even have any patterns listed with it yet - it hasn't hit the stores - but it looks drop dead gorgeous!

8 shades with names like Bolero, Conga, Rumba, Foxtrot, Flamenco, Fandango, Bachata and Azonto - all dances! Most of these are familiar to me, but I had to look up Bachata and Azonto. Bachata is a dance which originated in the Dominican Republic, while Azonto originated in Ghana!

I can't wait to see these yarns knit up......there are lots of Rowan designs that are done for aran weight yarns...I'm sure that Rowan will pick great designs for a Mini Collection for this new yarn.  When will it hit the stores?  I don't know, but it won't be here fast enough for me!


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