New Shades in Rowan's Fine Art Sock Yarn!

Rowan's Fine Art Sock yarn has been a spectacular success!

Launched with 8 multi-hued hand-painted shades, 
knitters commented that they'd love to see more monotone colourwayss....

well, RowanYarns listened!

Coming soon.....6 more shades of Rowan Fine Art yarn!

6 "Blended" shades - more subtle and absolutely gorgeous!

309 Elm

310 Maple

311 Hornbeam

312 Oak

313 Yew

314 Rowan

There is also going to be a new booklet of designs....
 "Fine Art Accessories Collection" 
 - expected release date is November 

Sometimes I can get a glimpse of "sample skeins" at my
favourite Rowan Stockist...the Needle Emporium....

Remember this photo?
Look at the colour of that skein...yes, the one right at the front!

Amazingly, it is 314 and it is "Rowan" Purple!

Yes, it is Purpliscious!  (is that a word?)

How would you describe it?

If Purple is not your thing, tell me which one of the new shades you love....

Are you a Google Friend of this blog?  I'd love to see a whole network of Google Friends, here's the fun part - right now I have 7 Google Friends - I know who you are :) and if I get say, 100 friends, I'll have a special draw from those 100 friends for a skein of Rowan's Fine Art sock yarn! 

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