More about Mary...

Mary caught my eye when I first saw it on a preview of +RowanYarns Magazine 54.

I was intrigued with the short rows....
Although I had knit short rows before, I had never attempted something of this magnitude!

It started out on the deck in the early summer.....
But it seemed to take ages to finish.
This was only because as usual, I stalled at the sleeves....
and life got in the way for a while there too!

I'm glad it's finally finished...
in time to wear this Fall/Winter!

The shades used in this design suited me perfectly, so I didn't contemplate for a minute changing them....until I saw a couple of other colourways on Ravelry!

On me.
Look at this stunner.
This is AnnR from Ravelry and
her Mary is here....

While you are there, check out her other projects!

And look at this one!  Bernadette's Blues are gorgeous!
You can see her Mary here!

Be sure to check our her other projects too!

These are seriously talented knitters!

It is interested to see what each of us did to make this already striking design our own.  AnnR did a bit of short row shaping to her neckline!  Bernadette put a stripe of another colour on her sleeve!

I have to admit - after seeing AnnR's neckline, yup, I did a bit or short rowing to drop the front a bit for me!

And Bernadette's little touch on the sleeve gave me the idea for my totally striped sleeves!  I picked a section of striping that I liked (with a large Treacle portion) and repeated it for the sleeve - it matches but is different enough to stand out as a design element!

I loved the challenge of this unusual design....and after a few quick and easy projects....what will I knit next?

Happy Thanksgiving up here in Canada, and have a great weekend everyone!

Happy Knitting!

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