Mary, Mary...finally finished!

The life of a model....glamorous, exciting, thrilling......exhausting, tedious and perhaps even a bit boring!

We don't really think of modelling as hard work.......professional models make it all look so darn easy, don't they.

When I finished the Mary design from Rowan Magazine 54, I thought it might be fun to photograph it as a homage to the original photo...which is a bit edgy, a bit pouty....not at all me!

My friend Renee accepted the with camera in hand....and me doing my darndest to follow direction.....lights, camera.....shoulder up, knee out, suck it in.....hold it!

This raised shoulder pose was very odd and with the out-turned knee...frankly uncomfortable...

But it does give a bit of life to the short-row stripes...

I decided to go for striped sleeves.....I picked a sequence that I liked...and repeated it.

They  tie in with the stripe detail at the shoulder, don't you think?

This sweater is a lot boxier than shown in the magazine photos. It looks great with jeans....and I think it will look more polished with say, chocolate brown cords, or leather even!

My Mary was knit using the shades as per the original design.....Felted Tweed DK in Treacle, Duck Egg, Camel and Cinnamon. It is a design that could easily be recoloured to suit you.

I almost called this project...."Short Row Heaven...or Hell" because short rows it is.....lots of them......and by the time you are finished, you'll love them...or never want to see another short row again.

More about the Mary experience next time.

Until then, Happy Knitting!


  1. Wow, what a sweater! Great photography and model too.

  2. You look terrific in that sweater! Well done!

    1. Thanks Kristie - sorry I missed this comment! I am totally in awe of your new title "Author" WOW!

  3. It looks absolutely fabulous on you and I love the striped sleeves.

    1. The sleeves were a might have thrown the whole thing into madness.....but they worked thankfully.....thanks for you commenting!

  4. Send these photos to David Bailey . . . QUICK!

    1. I had to ask Alan if he knew who David Bailey was..... :)

  5. What a stunning what a stunning sweater ! I love it !!


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