Life LDC Goes to Camp - Knit Camp!

The Needle Emporium has been hosting knit camp now for many years.  

Usually Hubby and I are in the UK, just going to the UK, or just getting back from the UK, so camp hasn't really come up on my radar...until this year when I decided "I wanted to go to Camp".

Remember Mrs. Tishell? (My intrepid knit Buddy - we travelled to the UK in February?) Well, I asked her, and yup, she was good for a weekend of Knit Camp!

Then a friend of mine from the UK thought perhaps she'd like to join in.  Come all the way from the UK for Knit Camp?  Why not!  I have done similar things.  (Remember my weekend trip to London to go to a workshop with Alice Starmore at the I Knit London yarn fest......? )  We knitters will travel far and wide for a great knit event!

Well, here we are, the intrepid threesome.  (Someone's four legged friend is pleading to come too.)
The car was full, we had our directions, and off we went!

On the way to camp, we did a little detour to Gravenhurst and took a luncheon cruise 
on the RMS Segwun.....

Mrs. Tishell did a Kinnear here and took our photo as we were settling in for lunch!
Both of us have on hand knit scarves!  Mine is Colour Affection,
Ros is wearing Different Lines - both are by 

Veera Välimäki

Then it was a fun drive South from Gravenhurst
to the Bayview Wildwood Resort on Sparrow Lake!

The 3 instructors, Fiona Ellis, Beth Casey of Lorna's Laces and
 Josh Bennett all had "teams" on the first night!

All three of us were on team "Josh" - that's Josh Bennett!

(Josh made his first appearance in Rowan Magazine 51 with a collection of designs inspired by New York - these designs are all FREE on the KnitRowan web site - you just have to be a Row@n Member
You can even see a video of Josh talking about the inspiration for these designs.)

There were two fashion shows!  
On Friday night - a selection of sweaters by various yarn companies
 were modelled by a group of campers!
on Saturday night it was time for Campers to show off their projects!

Josh had to get in on the act!
 Here he is modelling everything that has been knit this year
 by one particular new knitter!
You had to be there to totally understand..... :)

This photo was taken early one morning....
The Bayview Wildwood is 115 years old, and is authentic old Muskoka...
the time share cottages are creeping closer and closer....
but for now, there is still this stunning view...complete with canoe and Muskoka chairs!
What a way to end a perfect weekend! 

(This was taken through the Dining Room window

during Sunday luncheon - right before everyone headed for home!)

OK - so what happens at Camp, stays at Camp right?

But, someone needed to borrow an extra suit case to go home!

Looking at the photo - yarn purchases while in Canada on the left,
that big bag....?
well, it's full of Camp freebies, purchases and prizes!

It's fun to go to camp!


  1. Too funny. A great time was had by all.

  2. Looks fun! I've never been to a knitting camp. Or workshop, that is. Hm.

  3. It looks like it was a wonderful experience, and the setting was spectacular!

    1. Thanks Kristie! Are you settled in from your Vacation? Isn't Shetland spectacular! I might have to go back one more time....I'd love to go to Fair Isle!


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