Flock ...a gathering of wooly friends...

I love social media...but it can be a serious time gobbler!

My blog is for big stuff....reports on knitting progress, vacations (I still have to blog about Switzerland...on the to do list!), things I want to actually talk a little bit about.

I have a FB Community page Life Lackadaisical where I post quick links to things I find on Facebook that I think might be of interest to other knitters.

A lot of people are not on Facebook - surprising but true!  They avoid social media....and I can't blame them.  You have to spend a bit of time getting to know how Facebook works, how to set your security settings, to be confident in knowing who can see what you share.

How to marry the two....blog readers are blog readers....they don't want to be bothered with Facebook.

Fans of Facebook like it's ability to bounce from one page to another reading updates, but yes, it can be a bit frantic.


May I present Flock ...a gathering of wooly friends... my on-line magazine, where I collect new and interesting knit/crochet/textile related items from all over the web....blogs, facebook, twitter....and curate it for easy reading.

What better way to have a cup of tea and spend a bit of quiet time flipping your way through a selection of the latest news, specially collected in one easy to read digital magazine...just for you!

Flip through all the way for a quick overview!  Click on an item for more information!  It's all right there...literally at your fingertips!

Flip it on your iPad....flip it on your computer....I hope to issue an update twice monthly....

Try it, I hope you'll like it enough to subscribe.  Why not...it's free.

Editor, Flock Magazine


  1. Fantastic! I love it, and, thank you!

  2. Anne, what a great idea! Thank you for sharing, have to have a closer look when I'm home.

  3. It is a brilliant idea and you have organized the info beautifully. However, did I miss the Hunks in Sweaters shot of Michael McDonald? I'll look again.

  4. Anne, this is gorgeous!!!!!


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