All Cottons are not the same.....

Don't let anyone lead you down the garden path......all Cotton Yarns are NOT the same....

Take these two...
 Rowan Softknit Cotton on the left (blue)
Rowan Handknit Cotton on the right (orange)

They look totally different...don't they?

The Handknit Cotton is spun firmly - there is absolutely no give, which is to be expected from a cotton yarn.

The Softknit Cotton looks thicker, cushier,'s like a tiny I cord....I guess that's why they called it Softknit right? When you pull on it, there is a definite give to it - something that I personally LOVE about this yarn.

These two yarns knit to the same anything that can be knit in Rowan Handknit can be knit in Rowan'll just get a different feeling knit fabric - one softer and drapier, the other crisper.  Isn't it great to have a choice?

You have to remember to adjust the number of balls you need, as Softknit Cotton has 105 metres while the Handknit Cotton is 85 metres to the ball.

To launch the Softknit Cotton, Rowan has produced a new pattern book......

They have listed the yarn requirements for both yarns - so they've done the math for you!

If you'd like to see all of the designs in this book, visit the Knit Rowan web site.

My favourites in the collection!  Inishmaan (his) and Carrick (hers)-aren't they just scrumptious!
What's your favourite design in this collection?

I truly wish I had enough time to knit all of the designs that I love.....but I really wanted to compare for myself the Softknit vs Handknit Cottons.  So...I needed a small project to test these two yarns.

Have you heard of Yarndale?
Lucy, of Attic 24, designed these really cute crochet  granny bunting decorate at Yarndale - so I thought - give it a go!
For a complete selection of my Softknit/Handknit Cotton Comparison photos...go to my Yarndale Bunting album on my Facebook page!

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  1. And there is mercerised cotton too, which is really shiny.

  2. I love those granny bunting triangles. Thank you for becoming my latest follower and introducing me to your lovely blog. Your Westies look so cute. Westies are such characters and make wonderful pets don't they?
    Sarah x


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