The little room on the left....

Almost before you even had your ticket taken, there was a little room on the left - lots of photos of Kaffe's youth in California with his family at their restaurant - it was too dim and dark in there for photos of black and white, let's see, here's a link to the Nepenthe web site.

Trivia Question:  What movie filmed (sort of) at the restaurant - starred Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton?

Nepenthe has been around a long time and look at this - Kaffe talks about the 60th anniversary of Nepenthe!

Did you know that Kaffe is not Kaffe's real name?  Do you know what his real name is???

While googling around, I came across a video...Big Sur narrated by  Richard Burton!  I'd never seen this before!  Elizabeth is shown being directed as she paints on the beach.....a close up of her laughing....oh my she was gorgeous!

Oh, want to have a look for yourself?

ok, ok...back to the exhibit.

In this small "introductory" room there was THE sweater that started it all....the sweater that Kaffe knit after a trip to Scotland with Bill Gibb.  Kaffe was intrigued by the "suble landscape" he saw there and was thrilled to find all of those amazing colours in yarns at the Holm Mills in Inverness.  He bought up 20 shades...and yes, on the train journey home asked Alice Dunstan Russell to teach him to knit.  A basic cardigan pattern was bought, a striped cardigan knit, a trip to Vogue and the rest is history.  (You MUST read Kaffe's Autobiography, Dreaming in Color - see page 87 on.)

I've searched and searched, and the ONLY photo reference I can find to that first Kaffe design for Vogue Knitting, "a fair isle vest" is on the blog, Jean's Knitting here.  A small section of this design is shown as photo 6 on page 89 of "Dreaming in Color".

Look at the hat created for Marsha Hunt....they are friends to this day...

There were a couple of other fabulous knits in this room also....tomorrow!

As a Rowan Ambassador I'm able to see photos of the garments that will be in the Autumn/Winter 2013/2014 Rowan Magazine and booklets.  While I am not yet able to share...I have to tell you....get your summer projects finished and be ready for the August 1 launch of the Rowan Autumn/Winter collection!  New yarns and fabulous will not be disappointed!

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