The Kaffe Exhibit!

The Kaffe Exhibit at the Textile and Fashion Museum in London is closing on Friday.  A lot of people have attended - it has been their BEST show EVER...and a lot of bloggers have shared their photos.  Photography was a challenge - lots of items were behind glass...the lighting was dim to be frank....with spotlights on the displays - great when you are there, but not the best for photography.  Keep that in mind will you?

I wanted to do something I've made this slide show.  If you attended, I hope this reminds you of all of the fabulousness you saw there!  If you didn't manage to get there, I hope it lets you experience it the way I did......get yourself a cuppa and enjoy!

Links you may enjoy....

Kaffe has had a long relationship with Rowan Yarns - more about this in future posts!

Kaffe designs for Ehrman Tapestry

Kaffe designs for Rowan Fabrics - they are gorgeous!

Hope you are having a great day - just posting this made me smile - thanks Kaffe!

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  1. SUPER video and LOVE the music. Nice to hear my Johnny while I'm visually saturated with colour.

  2. Very nice video and I love love love the music, it just great.

  3. Anne, the video is fantastic! Love the music too. I'll never forget that Exhibition. Love those guys some much.

  4. Thank you for posting this Anne. I am sooo jealous, I just had a hip replacement and unable to go to the exhibition. I do have the book though, which is also fabulous


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