Studio 30 ...the future of knitting!

I called in a specialist to review Rowan's Studio Issue 30.

12 Designs for children, sized for newborns to 5 years!
(10 in the book - 2 are on-line)

Designed by Sarah Hatton
using Rowan's Baby Merino Silk DK

My reviewer is 4, so he is in the targeted market range!
A thorough assessment was made...every photograph scrutinized and critiqued...

"I like blue" was the most common comment.

His Mom is a great knitter....and of her 3 kids (2 girls, this one boy)
he regularly asks when he will be old enough to knit!

Here he is fellow knitters!  The Future of Knitting!

If you have any little ones in your life to knit for (kids or grand kids), you'll love Rowan Studio 30.

"Folk influences were to be found for both adult and child's wear this season and Rowan Studio 30 offers a capsule wardrobe of knits for every little fashionista! From a cosy 'grandad' cardigan for boys to a pretty cape for girls. Hopefully this collection will have everyone wishing they were young again."  

The Baby Merino Silk DK is a lovely yarn...and would make spectacular sweaters.  The Mom of my reviewer thought it expensive for a sweater for a child.  Yes, maybe I said, but a sweater knit in Baby Merino Silk DK would be something to enjoy now, and cherish for future would be creating a family heirloom!

She sighed...Mothers of 3 do that quite a bit I've noticed.)

Oh, and my reviewer's final choice? of the on-line patterns.
 "It's green" he says!

Thank you to Rowan Yarns for providing a copy of Rowan Studio 30 for me to review! 

and... Thank You to my guest reviewer and his Mom!  (You know who you are!)

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  1. What a lovely blog, I think your reviewer is spot on with his choices, please show his first attempt at knitting when he gets his first pair of pins ! What a little cutey :-)

  2. Clever girl getting the munchkin to give his opinion.


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