Every textile enthusiast knows his name....and we know it means colour!

Hubby and I were planning a trip to Switzerland.  We had always wanted to go there, to enjoy the fabulous scenery, the amazing transport system of trains, trams, buses and lake steamers, the swiss cheeses and of course chocolate!

Everything was booked and our British Airway tickets bought and paid for.  We would arrive on Sunday morning and catch an early Eurostar on Tuesday.  Great - plenty of time to see the Kaffe exhibit at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London.

Not so fast Anne, the Fashion and Textile Museum is closed on Sunday and Monday each and every week...no exceptions.  Why didn't I think to check on this before the tickets were booked!  Sometimes the most obvious things are the details we overlook!

I actually contacted Brandon Mably - he suggested I BEG!  I did - no results!  I was totally despondent to think that I'd be in London, the exhibit was still on (only a couple of weeks left) and I was going to miss it!

We arrived in London, spent a lovely Sunday and Monday doing London type things (I'll share more about that later) and we visited the front of the museum.....we knew where it was....well, it wasn't that hard to get to....you could even have a cuppa at the teapod cafe and look through the glass door into the museum entrance!  Hmmm, a plan was formulating and I just had to convince Hubby that it was doable...

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  1. Oh Anne, isn't it crazy they are not open those two days! I was in London late May and made sure I went, to the extent, I delayed our return home a day to go to the exhibition!

  2. hi anne!

    english is now included!

    greetings from the very sout of germay

    from rosa

  3. What? You are going to leave us hanging like that? :-(

    I am wondering what you do with Daisy and Lackie when you travel. My husband and I go away at different times so one of us is always home with Fergus and Jenny.


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