These are not your plain vanilla socks....

Eagerly anticipated.......a preview copy of the Rowan Fine Art Collection
 arrived in the mail last week along with a skein of Pheasant Fine Art yarn.

I've been contemplating ever since.  Make a pair of socks? Wear those socks inside your shoes and only have a little tiny bit of them show between shoe and pant leg?  Hmmmm.....not being a sock kind of knitter, I have started a sock, a plain vanilla sock, but it's just not doing it for me.

Don't get me wrong - this yarn is beautiful and will make lovely socks....but I'm not a sock knitter.  I don't like the idea of knitting fine gauge gorgeous yarn to then stick a boot over it!  

But if you like knitting socks, treat yourself to a skein - it will be well worth it!  

Merino, Mohair, Silk - scrumptious!

Then, a yarn fairy dropped by and added to my stash of this gorgeous yarn....

Lapwing (306)                           Pheasant (307)                            Waxwing (303)
It turns out that these are the three shades that are used in the Ibis pattern - remember those gorgeous over the knee socks I showed you last week?

Yes - these over the knee beauties!

 These socks are knit alternating 6 rows of each shade to give the stripe effect....
it would look sort of like this....
stand back and squint...

Definitely not your plain vanilla sock!

So even if you didn't want to make over the knee could use these three shades (or make up your own combination) and make yourself some pretty amazing striped socks!

I personally AM NOT A SOCK KNITTER! I've tried!  I even went last week to a class at the Downtown Knit Collective Frolic to learn how to knit two socks at the same time using two circular needles - thinking it might get me over my sock lethargy.  It was fun to learn, and I might apply it to my neck set of sleeves (yes, you could do sleeves like this too)....but no socks for me.

I'd like to knit something that could use all of these shades together, that would be more in the line of a shawl, that I could wear A LOT because well, I would want to wear it all the time!

So I'm on the hunt for THE PERFECT pattern for these beautiful shades.  (I've got a couple of ideas in mind....but suggestions would be most welcome!


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  1. I know you will find the perfect something to make with your yarn, I can't wait to see it and I'll probably want to make it too!


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