Rowan Fine Art Sock Yarn

I just received this skein of "Pheasant" Rowan Fine Art yarn
along with the Fine Art Collection
to review for Rowan Yarns.

I LOVE this shade...and I'm having a brain freeze trying to decide
what to do with it.

Does this ever happen to you - something is just so wonderful
you can't use it because you are petrified you might not choose
just the most perfect project to go with the wonderful yarn?

Please tell me I'm not the only one!


  1. Right, you are not the only one. At least you can include me as another one. It seems that some yarns and fabrics must marinate some years before taking their perfect forms.

  2. I'm ordering my skein tomorrow and that's the colour I was going to choose. It looks so yummy. I totally know what you mean about the brain freeze. I'm definitely making a pair of socks with mine. And of course there's only 3 projects on ravelry so far because it's just been launched.

    This looked interesting, though:

  3. It's so pretty. Every one that has tried it just loves it. I know what you mean, it has to be the perfect pattern when you have the perfect yarn. Socks? Or is that too dull???

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