Life LDC loves a little Glamour!

I wanted to try out Rowan's Kidsilk Haze Glamour!
looked around for something quick and easy, with a bit of Glamour and Drama!

Trying to channel Kim Novak in "Bell Book and Candle" 
and take a photo of these wrist warmers in the same style
as the pattern photo... as I have no chocolate bunnies, Daisy stepped up!

Then Lackie wanted in on the act!  Bedlam ensued....

Life LDC Glamour Wristees!

Pattern:  white rabbit wrist-ees, by Tiny Owl Knits!

Yarns:  Kidsilk Haze Glamour - shade 285 Smoke and Kidsilk Haze - a black shade from my leftovers!

This adorable pattern was just the thing I needed to try out Rowan's Kidsilk Glamour yarn.  I did think of making the wristlets in solid Glamour, but the stripes were irresistible!  Out came my box of Kidsilk Haze leftovers, and after a bit of this and that - it had to be Black, for a bit of Drama!

To give the shot of Glamour to this version of Kidsilk Haze, a fine nylon thread is added with quite tiny polyester sequins. Yes, it does change the feel of this yarn - it's not as soft as Kidsilk Haze - how could it be - it has sequins!

So if you want to put a bit of glamour in your life.....check out Rowan's Kidsilk Haze Glamour!

Rowan Kidsilk Glamour yarn
and "The Glamour Collection"

long-time favourite Kidsilk Haze with a little Glamour added!

Comes in 8 gorgeous sparkly shades!  You can mix and match with
the Kidsilk Haze solid shades or pair them up with another fine yarn,
like Fine Lace (hmmm, that might need swatching!).

Think of the possibilities!

It's always good to celebrate the everyday things with a little glamour in your life -
today is my Birthday....yes I'm a Taurus!

Rowan's Kidsilk Haze Glamour!  I love these wrist warmers!

Don't you think you need to add a little Glamour to your knitting?

Here are a few suggestions to get you going:

Gypsey Shawl - this was the April Members pattern from Rowan
Glamour Cravat, Scarf or Throw - another free pattern from Rowan

(To access these free patterns, you must be a Row@n member. Register here - it's free too!)

Fellow RA Linda (aka Knitted Pink) used three balls to knit up a 60 stitch scarf - recipe here.
Fellow RA Cindi knit a scarf called "Firelight" - she writes about her inspiration here and you'll find a link to the free pattern on Ravelry there too!


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  1. Great idea for Glamour! I love that little wristlet pattern, so cute and very happy it's a free download!

  2. I love those little wrist warmers they're great! Think I need to have a look at that pattern

  3. Looks great Anne! Cute doggies too!


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