Everyone loves a little frog right?

Not when it's Frogging on your current project they don't!

Lovely yarn - quite slippery thought as I've found out twice now!

See that rogue stitch that my needle is through?

I stop and admire my work regularly :) but somehow overlooked this missed stitch!
I'm trying to get this small project done - it's my way of getting the feel of a totally new yarn.
Yes, I could have done socks, but this is going to incorporate tassels and beads....oh my!

off to frog back to this point.....sigh....
Happy Mother's Day everyone!


  1. Oh, you frogged it! I *probably* (not positive, I can be pretty obessive) would have just taken a small piece of yarn and woven in the ends through it. BUT, I totally understand. :p Hope it recovers quickly, my dear!

    1. It wasn't that far back Dayana - just a couple of inches - I'm almost back to where I was and probably will have this finished in a day or two.......thanks for visiting!

  2. Hmm . . . dropped stitches. Just remember, to frog is to bond.

    What pattern are you knitting up?

  3. Ah well, it's all part of the process! I like that you stop to admire your work, me too!, but then only to find a mistake! Grrr.


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