Fish Cakes......yes, seriously!

One day in London (I can't believe it has been a month since I was there!), Mrs. Tishell and I decided to have tea at the St. Pancras hotel.....

Well, I was starving, so I ordered Fish Cakes!  Seriously!

The St. Pancras is quite an impressive hotel - located right where
 the King's Cross and Euston Railway Stations are!
Mrs. Tishell was busy taking photos when I snapped this one of her!

I've been thinking of Fish Cakes ever since - the ones at the St. Pancras were Cod Cakes - so.....while in Longos, I picked up a couple of frozen cod fillets.....I've made fish cakes before, but never with cod.

Last time I talked about fish cakes on the blog, Kristie asked for my recipe.  Well, although I don't have a true recipe - here is the way I make fish cakes in general.

You'll need - for 6 large or 8 medium fish cakes. (These are meal sized - you can make small appetizer sized ones if you want to!)

500 grams of potatoes (boiled in salty water)
2 eggs - separate one yolk from the rest
bread crumbs
fresh parsley
parmesan cheese (or any finely grated cheese that you like)
250 grams of cooked fish (canned or fresh cooked) - shredded

Boil the potatoes, drain and dry on the top of the stove.
Remove from heat.....start to mash....before you finish mashing....add the one egg yolk and mash into the potatoes
separate the mashed potatoes into portions of how many "cakes" you want
separate the fish into the same number of portions

take one portion of potato and one portion of fish......mix together and form into a ball

On a flowered surface.....pat the ball down into a hockey puck shape (make sure the flour coats the whole puck lightly)

When you have all of your pucks in a row (vbg)......

Set out the beaten egg in one bowl, and the bread crumbs and your seasonings mixed in another (I used parsley and parmesan cheese this time, you can use whatever you want).

Take each puck, roll it around in the egg, then completely coat with bread crumbs.

Place the finished fish cakes on waxed paper.....and refrigerate.

They can be frozen at this point - but that never happens around here......

This is what they look like before frying......

To serve, remove the fish cakes from the refrigerator and let them come to room temperature.

Fry them in a mixture of oil and butter......approx. 10-15 minutes, until golden brown.  (I'm wondering if the ones at the St. Pancras were done in the oven - I might try that next time!)

I like them with a salad for a light, yet hearty meal!  Hubby isn't fond of fish in general, so my ratio is 1/4 fish to 3/4 potato.  BUT, I must say that the St. Pancras ones were probably the other way round and they were delicious!  Make them to your own preference!

Happy Knitting!


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