Arena Travel has partnered with Rowan to run craft based holidays. Stitchtopia is the first craft conference organized at the Wyboston Lakes conference centre.

Mrs. T. and I arrived by train from Kings Cross at a small station approx. 60 minutes north of London. A short cab ride and we were there....checking into our rooms, reading our introduction packages and heading off to have lunch before our first workshop. While the rooms aren't large here...everyone gets their own room and there is plenty of room for a single.....with a desk area and all the usual amenities, including a heated Towel rail...I love heated towel rails!

We both had chosen "Learn to Crochet" with Jane Crowfoot. Although I can crochet....reading a crochet pattern can be I hoped to get clarification of a few details of crochet at this workshop.

The first thing I learned that crochet done in Rowan Glacé is just gorgeous - I wasn't a big fan of cotton........but I love these luscious shades.

I also learned that to count your count back from your hook!

The second day (for me) was more crochet with Jane....a full day workshop on using colour in your crochet, and I learned how to add beads!

I think I'm liking beads!

I haven't finished the I'll show you them when I get home and finish. Both are Easter I have time.

An evening presentation was put on for us....Monday was a fashion show of Rowan Sweaters....there must have been over 50 sweaters shown.....

I've put all of my quick snaps on Facebook!

On Tuesday, Kaffe Fassett arrived, despite the cancellation of trains....and he shared a bit of his life and inspiration with us. Brandon Mably had been there all day doing the magic ball class!

So that was Monday and Tuesday at Stitchtopia.

Wednesday was the day I was a bit nervous about.

Happy knitting!


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