Marilyn....Rowan 53

When my Rowan Magazine 53 arrived, I was so excited, and I did a review of my favourites.

The semi-annual Rowan Magazines are covering a lot of area, offering designs for everyone.  Each time a new magazine comes out, the blogs and Ravelry are full of "I Love" and "I don't know why?" and even "I don't like" comments!

After my initial review, I prefer to let things simmer for a while and see what comes to the surface!

For example - of my favourites....from the "ikon" collection...

ikon inspired by strong Modernist
graphic patterning with a 1960's
 retro feel, creating a clean,
 sophisticated and fun collection of
women's and men's knits.
quoted from Rowan 53

with it's retro feel - I love the collar and the length,  but not so much the high-contrast horizontal stripes!

But done in Rowan Purelife Revive Shade 462 Basalt, with Rowan Summerspun Shades 113 Knightsbridge and 123 Victoria as accents, well, I will have made it more me.

I can't wait to see how it works together.

So go back and look at Rowan 53 with an eye to what you like (and maybe don't like) and how you can make it your own.

Off to swatch!


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