Kid Silk Haze Support Group

The last workshop of our Stitchtopia experience should have been called...
The Kid Silk Haze Support Group
All of us at the Kid Silk Haze workshop introduced ourselves with various admissions, confessions and secret revelations of our infatuation with Kid Silk Haze.
Solids, stripes, glamour with sequins.....
Knit alone, doubled, held with another yarn.... is highly addictive!
Ok, now that I've got that out.....our workshop project was to knit these lovely lacy wrist warmers....using two solids and a glamour shade while discussing the ins and outs of the yarn we love.
I've knit one, now the hard part - knit another one!
Our Stitchtopia event was was time to say goodbye...

The Arena Travel group and Rowan have already booked the conference centre for Stitchtopia 2014!


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