It snowed all night....

Day 2 - it snowed on and off all day yesterday....very light, very wet, very fine....and it seemed even more beautiful this morning....but it is starting to melt!

Everything is covered.....this is where the pergola meets the roof.

These huge evergreens are snow laden....luckily they just go with the weight of it all.

The branches touch the ground and support the higher branches.

I would say that the bird feeder roof load was a bit much - so I cleared it off to protect any feeding birds!
I'd just slogged back to the deck...
 (definition of slogged?  Well, that's when you are walking through deep wet slog...)
turned around and looked back.....
this fellow was right there, ready for his morning snack!
When there is a male Cardinal around, there is always a female - they hang out together!
She was first down to the seed - just a little braver ?!?

He wasn't far behind - it is amazing how RED cardinals are in the snow.
I would say they are my favourite by far....of all my favourite birds!
(I love them all!)


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