Harry Potter Knits

I was looking forward to seeing costumes from the HP movies...particularly the sweaters.

Neville's fair isle hoodie!

Ron's blanket.....especially for Rita!

Hermione's fair isle cardi from the first movie. I can't tell you how many times I've started and stopped my DVD to try and get a good look at this sweater....so here it is, on display......way on the top of the Griffindor common room set! So this photo is taken with my zoom......I intend to study it when I get home.

This is Mr. Weasley's sweater...you don't notice all the various textures in the movie...do you? I've never noticed.

And lastly.....this looks like a knitted dragon...it was a drawing on display....I wonder if this was a potential prop that never came to fruition.

Happy Knitting!



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