Weekend progress....or not...

I'm either really not busy, or really busy....

Last week I was notified that a new version of Cochenille Stitch Painter was ready to go....I received a file and notification that my payment had been processed.....I was hoping to get around to that on Friday - it didn't happen, nor did it happen this weekend.

Also, my Squam on-line photography class started last week....circumstances prevented me from getting on with that right away, and again, I had hoped to catch up this weekend....that didn't happen either.

My biggest time commitment this past weekend?  Doing an inventory of my Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift stash.....at this moment, this very moment, I can verify that I have full bags - 69 of them - that's 690 balls.  I also have a lot of part bags......a whole lot of this stuff.....and it's all detailed on my Spindrift Destash page....if you are looking for some Shetland fingering weight - I'm your gal!

When not doing inventory.....and packing up two requests for yarn.....I was crocheting....

I have completed 18 centres....so I'm half way there....and I like stacking them up to make yarn decor.

So this week my priorities are....
to install my new Cochenille Stitch Painter and try it out!
to get caught up with the photography class....
and still get some crochet done.

I have to catch up as I have another little project starting next weekend!

Life is NEVER boring!

Isn't this pretty?
Enjoy every day!


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