Temporary detour.....

Early Saturday morning....I received a newsletter from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas....about turning their light and delicate classic "Shoulder Cozy" pattern into something just gorgeous, more wintery, knitting it with Rowan Cocoon and Rowan Kidsilk Haze.

Well, it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!  I emailed Julie at The Needle Emporium....told her what I wanted, said I'd be there later that day...and with a slight detour from my current Crochet infatuation.....

This is pre-blocking, but you so totally get how luscious this is don't you?
With blocking, it will stretch out and up to shorten it.
I followed the pattern exactly - well, sort of exactly - I knit this from the neck down because I wanted to make sure that it was long enough - without being too long!

So I added an inch to the bottom section - making mine 19" long - and I did a sewn bind off to keep the bottom nice and loose.

I think this will be even more luscious when it is washed and slightly blocked.

Back to my crochet - I tweaked the shades used in the Frances design, but I'm thinking I may have to revert to the original shades - because after all, Rowan Knows Best!!!!

I'll post a crochet update tomorrow!

Happy Knitting and Crocheting!



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