Rowan 53!

Now that Rowan 53 is officially released....let me tell you what my favourites are....

Panama, Siena 4 ply & Kidsilk Haze
designed by Lisa Richardson

With my love for lots of colour - well, this one is my favourite for sure!
It looks spectacular paired with the bright red/orange skirt...a shade which you will notice
is NOT used in the design.  Hmmm....interesting.
I love the way Rowan styles their magazines!

(Note to self:  What about your orange silk slim legged pants?)

Summerspun & Purelife Revive
design by Galina Carroll

Shown knit up in Pumice Revive, with Piccadilly and Greenwich Summerspun.

This has a retro vibe that I love...and checking my stash, I have some Revive waiting
patiently in it's storage box to be united with some Summerspun!
I love the neckline on this!

(Note to self:  Get some big bangles in the Summerspun shades!)

design by Marie Wallin

I KNOW!!!! This is so unlike me!  But with my new crochet skills, wouldn't it
be fun to make up something exciting like this?

This is done in Nottinghill - this must be a new shade of Summerspun!
It isn't on the Rowan web site yet!

(Note to self:  Wouldn't this look great with white pants?)

 Now, I am notorious for knitting only wool...all year round...but I think this year I might stand a chance of having a couple of knits to wear this summer if I start NOW!

Of course, I must finish my Frances crochet scarf...I need it for an upcoming event!

Happy Knitting (and Crocheting too!)


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