Learning to Crochet....the Modern Way!

In today's world, the world of the internet, blogs, and You Tube....there are still great "paper" references for learning how to do things...for Crochet....there is this....

I bought this a few years ago, when I thought I'd like to learn to crochet....it didn't happen then, but I read this book during the Holidays this year.

One thing that totally messes with my mind - why are there US and "rest of the world" crochet terminology - why can't we get together on something as simple as this?!?

I grabbed this from the About.com Crochet page...thanks!

Now if English speaking world can't agree on something as simple as Crochet terminology, well, what can I say LOL!!!

So the diagram I showed in my last post is for an American double crochet, or a half treble or treble in UK terminology (depending on how you draw your yarn up through the loops).  How confusing is that?!?!?

In addition to my two reference books, I watched the Rowan Yarns crochet tutorials on You Tube...you can subscribe to their channel.

I am totally amazed that only 265 people are subscribers to the RowanYarns's channel on You Tube!

The Rowan videos were so clear.....I was feeling confident!  I just needed a small project, something to embellish my latest knitting project with - something cute and crocheted - as a small challenge to my new found skill.

The Answer?  Attic 24!!!!  I have been reading Lucy's blog on and off for at least 18 months now...totally in awe of her colourful crochet world....and with my new found book and You Tube learning...crochet hook in hand...I tried out her Teeny Tiny Flowers tutorial....

It took me a few goes, but eventually I could crochet up a teeny tiny flower - 4 of them for this dress!
I attached them to the dress with some clear buttons that I had on hand.  
This dress was to go with this coat I made last year for this same doll.
Hopefully I'll get a photo of the full ensemble some time!
Not to forget the other American Girl doll in the same household.....this was another dress that I knit over the holidays.
So I think that Crochet will be a great addition to my repertoire of crafty skills...wait until you see my selection of centres for the Frances Scarf (Rowan Winter Kids booklet)....update on that sometime this coming week ok?

Happy Knitting (and Crocheting too!)


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