Frances update....

Yesterday, with the help of a knitting friend, I did some more tweaking on the shades I'm going to use for the Frances crochet scarf....

Gilt is to be replaced by Cinammon....and I've decided to add Seafarer.

The idea is to make it more subtle and subdued, for an adult taste - sure! LOL!

I'm going to do all of the centres first...lay them out and then start joining them together with the third shade.....I am going to finish all the ends too at this point so that when I finish the last join, it will be done - I AM THINKING AHEAD WITH GREAT ANTICIPATION!

On the home front, Daisy had a wee bit of surgery on Thursday - to remove a lump that had appeared on her nose.  Daisy, being the Diva that she is, insisted that it would be worth the temporary humiliation of having a shaved nose and wearing an Elizabethan collar - to return her face to it's natural beauty!

A friend recommended this cotton collar - much better (and lighter) than the plastic ones they give you at the vets office - she doesn't mind it at all - I think she is thinking that it is quite flattering!!!

That's my Daisy!

It's going to be busy around here this weekend - photography course to catch up on and a few inquiries about my stash of Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift to I think it's time for another inventory there to make sure I know what I've got....maybe I'll pick a shade or two for some projects I've been eyeing.....

Stash Diving!  What Fun!

Have a great weekend!


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